Functionality and a thing of beauty

It’s important to consider the material finish and aesthetic appeal of a countertop. It should be easy to clean and maintain, durable and not prone to stains. Countertops are a significant part of kitchen or bar and an outdated one can create an unpleasant interior. They should be the perfect marriage between functionality and a thing of beauty.

In the past few years we have seen a rise in quartz countertops over granite. They are non-pours and come in a variety of styles since they are handmade. A big trend right now quartz waterfall edge and slabs with a lot of veining. It’s tougher than natural stone and can add substantial resale value due to its low maintenance care.

The beauty of natural stone has always been a wonderful option when selecting a countertop. Tried and true granite has a one of a kind look that few other countertop materials can compare. It can go well in most styles of homes from traditional to modern designs and always adds a bit of luxury to any kitchen.