The F-ICAA’s prestigious Mizner Medal, is presented as a recognition of excellence in 21st-century classical architecture, design and related fields, honoring the achievements and contributions of those preserving and advancing the classical tradition. 

In presenting the award to the city for Outstanding Patronage, Beasley and the ICAA said:
“The 450th Commemoration Team and the City of St. Augustine have undertaken many significant projects of preservation, architecture and urbanism to both celebrate this historical event and improve the qualities of this special city.”

The work of the city’s 450th Commemoration was noted for its ongoing effort to share with the nation and the world the important role the city played in the making of America.

President Troy Beasley presented the medal to St. Augustine Vice Mayor Roxanne Horvath and 450th Commemoration Director, Dana Ste. Claire in front of one of the city’s most famous historical structures, the Constitution Monument in the city’s Plaza de la Constitución.

St. Augustine 450th Commemoration was one of the most recent recipients of the Addison Mizner Medal Award.

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