Millworks, ( the newest multi-family project in Atlanta is also credited with boasting the freshest and best designed spaces in the market. Created by the design team at Beasley & Henley Interior Design, ( the project was design to resonate with the eclectic and interesting lifestyles of West Midtown. The Clubhouse, which is vibrant and comfortable sports brick walls, high end finishes and captivating furnishings.

The Models are also drawing rave reviews. The Beasley & Henley designers imagined the 1bedroom/1bathroom unit to be crisp and open with a foundation of sharp whites and accents of silver, blues and greens.

The 2bedroom/2bathroom unit features creamy off-whites and soft golds with comfortable bedrooms for roommates or for small families.

 Interesting artwork is key for each unit and a design element at which Beasley & Henley excels. Modern themes, captivating colors and unusual features make the pieces central to the designs.  In addition, the Beasley & Henley team assembled the specifications of the models including the flooring, cabinetry, countertops, fixtures and lighting.

The design team at Beasley & Henley is proud of the recent project and proud to continue their strong relationship with Millworks’s developer, Pollack Shores. Other projects with Pollack include 2 in Charlotte, and 1 in Nashville, Beasley & Henley has been working with Pollack for more than 15 years.