The Beasley & Henley Interior Design team has been chosen to design a prominent model home in Melbourne, FL.

Industry leader Beasley & Henley Interior Design has been chosen by luxury home builders Christopher Burton Homes Inc. (  to create the interior design for their latest Florida home the Casabella.

The Beasley & Henley Interior Design team will create the interiors of 3,801sq ft Casabella with a flair of transitional elegance.

For this gorgeous project we are creating fresh interior details, with furnishings that are comfortably sophisticated with a variety of rich blues, charcoals punctuated with accents of eye catching metallics.

“Designing a home is like making a cake, there are numerous pieces that have to come together, just so, for everything to align beautifully. The process itself can be challenging, appealing and even a bit intense at times. But when the last accessory is finally placed, you can step back and smile at what you have accomplished”~ Stephanie Henley

The design team has already completed the specification for the home that include a 17” x 35” porcelain tile as the main flooring bringing visual depth and flair to the home. The kitchen will have snow white quartz countertops to create a timeless feel. The furnishings throughout will be icing on the cake. They are luxurious and inviting, but there are a lot of layers involved before the icing goes on. 

The potential buyers in the Melbourne, FL area will have peace of mind knowing the Casabella model home will be built and designed by an award-wining custom home builder and interior design firm. The quality craftsmanship and innovative designs will lend themselves to an overall impressive home, becoming a major draw for this area when the Casabella opens in 2019.


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