5 Funny Things Interior Designers Do That Often Go Unnoticed

1. Talk to Furniture: Interior designers frequently have conversations with furniture, rugs, and decor items. They might ask a chair if it likes its spot in the room or apologize to a lamp for moving it again. It’s their way of ensuring everything fits perfectly and adds character to the space.

2. Collect Swatches like Pokémon: Designers often hoard an impressive collection of fabric swatches, paint chips, and wallpaper samples. They treat these tiny samples like prized possessions, carefully organized and often toted around like a deck of magic cards, ready to be deployed at any moment.

3. Secretly Reorganize Spaces: When visiting friends or family, interior designers have a hard time resisting the urge to subtly rearrange things. They might “accidentally” straighten a picture frame or reposition a throw pillow, all in the name of better aesthetics.

4. Name Their Furniture: Some interior designers develop such a strong attachment to certain pieces that they give them names. That quirky vintage chair might be “George,” and the sleek modern sofa could be “Sophia.” These names often help them refer to items in a more personal and humorous way.

5. Get Excited Over Strange Things: While most people might get excited about a new gadget or a sale, interior designers can get giddy over the most unusual things. Discovering a rare type of tile, a unique doorknob, or the perfect shade of paint can make their day, leading to enthusiastic and sometimes over-the-top celebrations.