Create definition and beauty to a room.

You may see an area rug as something you just walk over, but in fact they are a very important design element in a room. Similar to a fabulous pair of shoes an area rug can either break or make an outfit and space. They are the perfect addition to create definition and beauty to a room. Not only can an area rug satisfy the most fashionable eye, it can also serve as an acoustical damper to heavy footsteps and create separation between rooms.

The area rug trends we are excited about this year are bold geometric and distressed vintage prints, global inspired, cowhides, avant-garde designs, faux animal prints, shaggy synthetic fibers and abstract patterns. The very first step you take in selecting a rug is the room size. Measuring the room is key to ensuring the perfect fit. One of the biggest mistakes people make is selecting a rug that is too small for a large room, making

Your lifestyle should have an impact on the choice of rug in your main living areas. If the space is more relaxed then look for a more casual less formal rug. Go for an eye catching geometric pattern if you’re looking to infuse your home with colorful personality. These gorgeous rugs are a great way to make a style statement with an on point trend. The distressed global styles can give a room the perfect vintage element that’s gained popularity over the past few years. Cowhide rugs are sprucing up rooms across America in a big way. From modern to rustic these statement making home accessories are making bold statements in the most luxurious way.