What’s the big trend in flooring this year? We are seeing hardwood, concrete and porcelain that looks like hardwood. Hardwood continues to grow in popularity and it is the preferred flooring surface in new construction and renovations. In fact, many homeowners are converting their kitchen flooring to this timeless beauty. From an interior design standpoint they are as trendy as ever while adding value to your home. It’s an environmentally friendly decision that creates warmth in the home in the most luxurious way.

Concrete flooring is a stunner. It can be shined to perfection while easily withstanding the highest traffic and activity. It has design flexibility that can be polished, stained, and waxed to give different finishes depending on your preference. Concrete flooring can give a space an edgy and industrial feelings, or can be mixed up with some soft and warmer colors that will alter its feel for a more comforting effect.

Porcelain wood like tiles have been on the rise as vendors have perfected the look and are waterproof at the same time. Technology has improved so much that we are seeing styles that are reminiscent of reclaimed and distressed wood, but updated in style and color for both contemporary and rustic looks.