The right light fixture can be a statement piece.

There’s no better way to elevate your home than with a fabulous light fixture. Lighting is becoming more and more decorative, even to the point that fixtures are being looked at as art. The right light fixture can really be a statement piece in the room’s overall design. The lighting in your home should be unique and say something about your life and sense of style. Some of our favorite lighting companies are Robert Abbey, Visual Comfort, Elk Lighting, Oly Studios, Regina Andrew and Arteriors.

The shape of a light fixture can add a light touch to a serious room in the most whimsical way. Branch like lighting has become very popular in the past year. You’ll find surprisingly realistic forms as well as super sleek and sometimes retro shapes. All of these lights bring the beauty of the outdoors inside your home. Their beauty takes prominence over a room with their sculptural appeal.

Globe shaped chandeliers are hot and hanging proudly in many homes today. A round shaped light fixture adds softness to an angular room, becomes a sculptural element with great impact and allows for the easy mixture of different styles in a room. There really are no limits to a combination of different materials and that’s why we are loving this trend!

Clear pendant lights are an easy and more utilitarian style when it comes to lighting. They are a charming mix of rustic, transitional and modern design. Their clean silhouettes and exposed lights keep these gorgeous fixtures so sophisticated. Because they don’t have the ability to overpower a space we love to use pendant light fixtures in multiples in our client’s kitchen and bar areas. Their versatility and timeless look place this trend at the top of our list.