“Smashing Success: The Rise of Pickleball in Multi-Family Apartment Communities”

Pickleball has been gaining popularity as a recreational activity in multi-family apartment cities due to its accessibility and appeal to a wide range of residents. According to the 2023 APP Tour’s Pickleball Participation Report, there are 36.5 million pickleball players in the United States. Here are a few emerging trends based on the trajectory of pickleball’s growth and the evolving needs of apartment community residents:

1. Dedicated Pickleball Courts: With the increasing interest in pickleball, apartment communities may allocate more space and resources to build dedicated pickleball courts. These courts could be professionally designed and equipped to meet tournament standards.

2.. Multi-Use Sport Courts: To maximize space utilization, some communities may opt for multi-use sport courts that can be easily converted between tennis, basketball, and pickleball. This provides flexibility for residents with diverse sporting interests.

    3. Outdoor Amenities: In line with the trend of creating outdoor spaces that promote community interaction, pickleball courts may be incorporated into larger outdoor recreational areas, possibly with picnic areas, seating, and shade structures nearby.

    4. LED Lighting: To allow for evening play and extend court usage, energy-efficient LED lighting systems may be installed on pickleball courts, ensuring a well-lit and safe environment.

    5. Pickleball Programming: Communities may hire pickleball instructors or organize leagues and tournaments, fostering a sense of community and healthy competition among residents.

    6. Inclusive Design: Design considerations may focus on making pickleball accessible to players of all ages and abilities. This could include dedicated areas for wheelchair users and children.

    7. Reservations and Scheduling Apps: Apartment communities may implement reservation systems or scheduling apps that allow residents to book court time in advance to manage demand and ensure fair access.

    8. Pickleball Equipment Rentals: Some communities might provide equipment rental services for residents who want to try pickleball without investing in their own paddles and balls.

    9. Landscaping and Aesthetics: The design of pickleball courts and their surrounding areas may be enhanced with landscaping and aesthetic elements to create an attractive and inviting space.

    10. Community Events: Regular pickleball events, such as tournaments, social mixers, or themed nights, can encourage residents to use the courts and build a sense of community.

    Remember that the adoption of these trends may vary depending on the location, demographics of the residents, and available space and budget. To stay updated on the specific trends in 2024 for pickleball courts in multi-family apartment communities, I recommend consulting industry publications, speaking with property managers, or conducting market research closer to that time.