Turn a boring space to its full stylistic potential.

While store bought window treatments may do the job, you are running into a huge risk of them not fitting properly and looking undone. A bare panel of glass is a blank canvas for a designer to perform their magic. This blank space beckons to be adorned by the most discerning eye. Their creative expression can turn a boring space to its full stylistic potential. Whether you’re looking for privacy or purely for decoration, a perfectly fitted treatment can also change the apparent size of a room, hide abnormal windows and give a room the wow factor you’ve desired for.

A designer will decide if the window is best suited for roman shades, blinds, roller shades, panels, valances, sheer panels, operable able or non-operable panels and so much more. A designer will select the most beautiful patterns, know what textures to use, measure for size, select the trim, style and function of the treatments. They will look at how much light comes in the room and select lining for them if needed and decide if the treatments should blend with the décor or give a room a pop. The hardware for each and every treatment will then be carefully selected before the pieces are fabricated and installed by a set of professionals.