3 Simple & Effective Bathroom Organization Tips

WideModern_NewYearResolutions_122613620x413-1Alright everyone, time to get it together!  The New Year is upon us and so are our resolutions!  Did you know that only 8% of people are successful in achieving their new years resolution? Where do you fall?  Let’s make this easy on all of us and find a resolution we can all stick with.  According to Statistic Brain, the #2 goal people have for 2014 is organization – so we are choosing THAT one!For many Interior Designers, organization is our passion!For homeowners however, that is not always the case.  Bathrooms can definitely be an area of mega-clutter so here are some simple but highly effective organization ideas that I can tell you work first hand!This make-up drawer from the Container Store practically organizes your toiletries for you.  Seeing everything at a glance instead of rifling through deep cluttered drawers makes all the difference.  Have a small decorative dish on the counter for items you use daily for when you’re running late. Beautiful!Make Up, Drawer, Organization, RealSimpleYour friends might think you’re OCD for this one, but part of being organized is knowing when to get rid of things, especially when it comes to make-up.  I am definitely guilty of having make-up for months, even years past when I should because it seems like I’ve only had something a little while.  Placing a sticker on the bottom of a new product will keep you organized without even trying.Makeup, experiation, make up, organizationAs I said before, simplicity at its finest.  A shower “caddy” if you will, is perfect for organizing and keeping the shower clean.  Take advantage of vertical real estate! It will also force you to actually get rid of those empty shampoo bottles!shower-organizer_300So there you have it!  Let’s get organized 🙂

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