4 Most Beautiful DIY Garden Tree Ideas

Home gardens are special, aren’t they? Not only are they a work of labour but a point of interest for home owners. Those with an interest in gardening and passion for trees and plants can create magic in their gardens. However, many times we tend to get confused about the kind of plants and trees to grow. Also, we may be unsure about DIY projects to take up in the garden area. If you are someone who has a lot of trees in their backyard or garden and are confused what to do with them, then this article is for you.

Trees can add a lot of grace and beauty to your gardens, if used correctly. There are many creative ways to shape your trees to make them unique or useful. Wish to take up a DIY project for garden trees? Want to hire the best tree services like QRG101 for garden services like Stump Grinding in Miami Township OH? Read on to find out how:

1.      Create a Simple TreeHouse

One of the best beautiful DIY garden tree ideas which you can try is creating a treehouse. The treehouse can be for your own self or even for your kids. It is one of the most useful DIY garden tree ideas but can be a tough for some. If you are finding it difficult to execute yourself, you can always hire the best tree services such as QRG101. Also, you can hire a stump grinding in Miami Township OH. Building a treehouse will require cutting of trees or wood, shaping the structure and even constructing a wooden structure.

Some items you may need for building a treehouse include:

Power drill, screws, a level, small cut branch logs, hand saw, decking pieces and filler pieces apart from branches and wood pieces. Always choose a strong and sturdy tree to build your treehouse.

1.      Tire swing on the tree

Another beautiful way to use a tree is by making your own tire swing. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well a tire swing is a great option if you have kids around and can enhance the look of any garden. Not only is this pretty easy to do but very useful as well. What is basically involves is usage of ropes and upcycling of an old tire.  If you are unsure of pulling this off on your own, why not hire the best tree services?  But doing it yourself is so much fun. To start with, you need an old tire which is rather easy to arrange. You can paint it if you like to suit your liking.  In order to tie the tire to the tree, choose a very strong and thick branch.  Hang the tire at a comfortable height so that kids and adults can enjoy it alike.  Wrap the rope a couple of times on the branch to ensure that the tire doesn’t fall off.

2.      A tree bench

Another idea you can try in your garden using the trees is building a tree bench. A tree bench is not just useful for your garden as it doubles up as a furniture but can be built easily. All you need is some knowledge on cutting and fixing wood. You can use some trees which are not of much use to you. For building a tree bench, you need to first stump trees. You can hire a company like QRG101 for stump grinding in Miami Township OH. They will help you to get the big log you need for cutting into bench parts. This can be done on a budget and is rather interesting to do.  A tree bench can look beautiful in any home garden space and serves purpose as well.

You must make the right measurements and have the right tools for this project to be a success. Also, if you haven’t done anything like this before, it is best you leave it to experts. But if you wish to attempt it on your own, know that you need to be careful with the tools.

1.      A tree castle

A tree castle might sound a little too much but is a great idea, especially for kids. This can act as their play area and is a beautiful looking addition to your garden. If you do not have many big trees in your garden, this can be a great DIY garden tree idea for you.  In order to cut down the trees, you can hire a company for stump grinding in Miami Township OH. They will help to give you big chunks that can be converted into castle walls. Another way to attempt this is by using the short trees as support and build a castle around it. The first step is decking and then beginning with the sides. You can go crazy with the things you can add to the castle such as a slide, a ramp and even a fence. At the end, some parts can be painted to give it a good look.

There are innumerable ways to use the garden trees in your backyard. If you are passionate about wood work or decorating your garden, these ideas can be great. It is not necessary to do each of the tasks on your own as you can always get help. There are many companies or service providers out there who offer best tree services or Stump grinding in Miami Township OH. One such company is QRG101 where even you can add your business for free as well. The company offers some excellent tree related services for your garden or landscapes. It is a reliable provider of stump grinding and other such projects which you won’t be able to do on your own. So what are you waiting for? Consider your garden as your oasis and start working on making it beautiful. Just like your home, the garden too is a part of you. Adding self-designed elements can add a touch of your own personality to it. So bring out your creativity and create a wonderland!

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