4 Ways To Bring Spring Into Your Home

Winters’s icy grip has loosened, releasing it’s hold of plants and flowers. Trees preparing to place on their spring dresses of emerald. I have always looked forward to Springs wardrobe of vibrant colors of beauty and romance. A rebirth of the awaking eye that brings a familiar feeling of joy. The many scents of Spring bring familiar memories that only Spring can bring.

My many perceptions of Spring have brought me to write this particular blog. It’s a beautiful season that can be gracefully translated into your home décor. The many colors of Spring can pop up in your pillows, area rugs, accessories, bedding and wallpaper. It doesn’t have to overpower a room, but like the ever so delicate orchid it can place a smile on your space.

Painting your foyer a vibrant, but welcoming color can create that dramatic entrance you’ve been looking for. I love the spirited pink foyer below, which comes from the ever evolving and inspirational House Beautiful magazine.

  The beauty of botanical pieces of art are appealing to me. I am a huge fan of super realism, which is a painting that resembles a high resolution photograph. Owning this type of painting can lift a room in the most gorgeous way. It says “Spring I am here” all year long.

The flower below is painted by the very talented Polish Canadian artist, Grazyna Wolski. The beauty of her work reflects her deep emotional connection with flowers. Grazyna is a story teller, a speaker of joy and memories. She has been quoted saying “they are my infinite source of inspiration standing as a metaphor for how I feel about life and people.” She sees the beauty in nature and I am a huge fan of her work!


A spring time arrangement ushers the season into a lively living space. It’s a fast and easy pick me up that can be placed on a rotation of delight. Nothing says luxury like fresh flowers and can be placed in any room.

This unique bouquet  below is called the “Bento Box”. It’s a unique interpretation of a spring arrangement. It has a modern spring time feel that I am really enjoying.

Inject color into your home décor by adding a brightly colored throw pillow, vase or area rug that brim with juicy citrus colors.

 Photo: http://www.beasleyandhenley.com 

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