5 Biggest Decorating Mistakes & How To Fix Them

Your home may have the look and feel you’ve desired, but there’s something’s that can be reflected upon, in a mindful manner. There may be a few design ideas that can be improved upon. I have noticed barriers that people struggle with and I  would like to share a few ways you can break through them. Below are the top five decorating faux pas committed in so many homes today and ways to fix them.

1. Hanging Artwork To High Or To Low

Art should be hung approximately 58″ from the floor. It is important that your pieces are near eye level. Scale and proportion are important for the art to work well in a room. You want your eyes to rest, so you don’t have to hang a piece on every wall. If you are using a piece of art as the focal point in a room, make it count.



2. Poorly Painted Walls

Paint is one of the most immediate and easiest design fix. Poor or old paint can ruin a homes look. After you have freshly painted a space, I encourage you to keep extra paint and brushes on hand. They will come in handy when it’s time for touchups. It’s important to keep your space feeling fresh and clean, at all times.

Photo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brush


3. Furniture Overload

You may have fallen in love with a gorgeous antique Edwardian bowfront sideboard,  but when placed in your dining room it takes over the space or doesn’t fit. Similar to artwork,  scale and proportion are crucial when you are purchasing furniture. You want you pieces to have similar proportions and too many pieces of furniture in a room doesn’t allow the space to breathe. You must pre-plan any space before purchasing the pieces to fill it. It will save you time and money if you bring your rooms measurements when you are selecting your furniture. . e

 4.  Displaying An Over Abundance Of Knickknacks

 After you have displayed a couple of accessories, take a few steps back and look at the room as a whole. Count the number of framed photos, objects on the coffee table and knickknacks on the mantel.  If there is an overabundance of accessories in one spot, you must edit! You may need to take away a few items or group similar items together.  Take your favorite pieces and make them the focal point of the space. Allow them to shine without competing with an overabundance of meaningless accessories.

5: Skipping Window Treatments

Window treatments are the shoes to your outfit. Their practical and functional properties add style, color and texture to a space. Without window treatments, windows feel visually disruptive and the space incomplete. There should always be some kind of treatment on every window.  The big question you should ask yourself before selecting your window treatment is weather you are looking for privacy or light. You may want both and with proper selections you can achieve it. I love when sheer curtains or shades are also used to soften up a room. They can  filter light in the most elegant ways.


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