5 Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Makeover

We’ve all been spending more time at home, and the itch for a refreshed look and new space in our homes is hard to avoid. It might not be the right time to hire a professional designer to do a complete decor renovation, so you’ll have to think of creative home makeover ideas to transform your home and breathe new life into your interior decor. Perhaps some ideas have even been on your wish list for a while.

 To get you started, we’re going to share some of the best home makeover ideas to brighten your space.

 Declutter and Reorganize

 The best way to start a home makeover project is to declutter and reorganize everything before implementing new ideas. If your rooms have remained the same since you moved in, it’s time to rethink the overall look. Start by getting rid of any clutter and unwanted stuff in every room. Cleaner and more organized spaces instill a positive mood and uplifting energy into your home. Don’t forget the closets, storage area, and pantry.

 When it comes to reorganizing your space, follow these steps:

 ●       First, determine how exactly you want each space to serve you

●       Change the position of your furniture for a new look

●       Opt for creative transition kitchen ideas to achieve the desired look

●       Free your furniture of wrinkly slipcovers and rumpled throw pillows

●       Hide those tangled cords

●       Get display boxes, trays, or vases to group like-items together

●       Move decor items around to revamp your interior decor

●       Rearrange bookshelves and ornaments

 Opt for Small Upgrades That Make a Big Difference

 There are many minor home upgrades you can do yourself with a small budget. You’ll be surprised to know the numerous options available that can make a huge difference in your home, and more importantly, how you feel about it every time you walk in the door. Here are some of the best small home upgrades to consider:

 ●       Use leftover paint to touch up any scuffed areas or repaint a room for a fresh look

●       Upgrade your kitchen and bathroom faucets to add functionality and style

●       Revamp your home with creative door upgrades and new door hardware

●       Get new cabinet handles and knobs for a completely new look

●       Get new decor-matching power outlets and light switch plates

●       Bump up your home’s curb appeal – paint your front door and add some plants on the porch

●       Revamp your landscaping or garden with some new flowers or plants

●       Upgrade your lighting fixtures in the main rooms for an elegant look

●       Add some decorative mirrors to add dimension, texture, and light to any space

 Get Creative With Crafts

 If you have lots of free time to spare, you can get creative with DIY craft ideas to dress up your home. Make use of existing supplies you already have lying around in your home, or get some cheap supplies to create unique crafts that add some personality to your space. Here are some easy and budget-friendly craft projects you can do at home:

 ●       Use decorative paper to upgrade your lampshades or flower vases

●       Restyle your shelves with some colorful displays or classic collections

●       Decorate your vases and jars with some bohemian-inspired drawings

●       Hang a flower or plant wreath at the entryway or on the front door

●       Get some removable DIY wallpapers to create an accent wall

●       Install DIY pegboards to gain additional space and warm up your space

●       Paint a wooden pedestal and stack it with fresh greens or books

 Add Character to Plain Walls

 Your walls are probably the last thing you consider when it comes to a home makeover, except for the usual paintwork. How about adding some character to your walls in the bedroom, living room, or even the kitchen? Get started with these simple ideas:

 ●       Add an oversized artwork or photograph in a vibrant color to command attention

●       Create a gallery wall in simple and cohesive frames

●       Incorporate an accent wall with decorative accents for small spaces

●       Paint a mural on your wall to make a big impact

●       Add sculptural sconces in eye-catching designs to bring in light and style

●       Hang a personalized map and add pins to places you’ve visited

●       Use your walls for storage to show off your finery and create striking displays

●       Add a giant whiteboard or chalkboard in your home office, kitchen, or playroom – it’s the perfect functional decor element

 Bring the Beauty of Nature Indoors


 Nature offers simple ways to beautify your home. Bring a selection of flowers and green plants indoors — make sure they’re ideal for growing indoors. Green plants make an elegant centerpiece in any space, dining table, corner stand, or even home offices! Flowers and plants boost our well-being, instantly add color and pop to your space.

 Here are some ideas to get started:

 ●       If you’re new to indoor gardening or green decor, start with edible and fragrant herbs in a tiered pot display in your kitchen

●       Try your hand at hydroponics and indoor cultivation units

●       Get some creative plant and flower displays

●       Use trailing plants to create a DIY indoor living wall

●       Cluster medium to large house plants to create an indoor jungle

●       Opt for air-purifying plants in your functional spaces and desks


Go Ahead and Give Your Home a New Look

 There are lots of ideas to transform your home without a messy overhaul or expensive remodeling. Check each room in your home and review the tips above to see what’s suitable for your home makeover project. All these small updates go a long way into renewing the feel and look of your home.




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