5 Fun DIY Wrapping Ideas

5 Fun DIY Wrapping IdeasHave you ever seen “Pinterest Fails”?  They are quite hilarious and hit too close to home sometimes!  There are some DIY’s wrapping ideas out there that seem merely impossible, and then there are some that are so simple and easy you wonder why you didn’t think of it first!  This Holiday season, or anytime really, make someone’s gift extra special and unique by creating the wrapping paper yourself!  The recipient will love the gift before it’s even opened.This is a great wrapping solution for flat or small objects like books, journals, gloves etc, that might get lost in a heaping bag of tissue paper or are hard to wrap.Furoshiki are a traditional type of Japanese wrapping cloth that can be done out of any fabric!  Follow the simple steps to wrap your gift beautifully out of re usable material.’Blackboard’ Canvas Paper and a Chalk Pen are all you need for this unique wrapping idea!”Old” Maps.   Whether it’s a map of a state, city or country, maps are continually on trend because of their rarity thanks to technology.  Use the recipients hometown or find an old vintage map from a local thrift store!

Paint Chip Tags:  This one might be my favorite because of how clever but simple it is!  Any color you choose will have a beautiful ombre effect that looks effortlessly unique!

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