5 Inspiring Design Styles for Your Patio

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We often spend a lot of time perfecting the interiors of our homes. From the kitchen to the guest bathroom, creating a cohesive look that suits our design tastes makes our space most cozy.

 Yet, the exterior of your home deserves just as much attention. A well-thought-out patio could become the ideal hangout spot for friends and family. Creating an enchanting outdoor area takes more than mowing your lawn and adding a few flower boxes, though. The color and texture of pavers, tile, furniture, accessories, and other unique features make a significant difference.

 Before designing your perfect outdoor sanctuary, you must decide what tone best matches the rest of your home’s architectural aesthetic. If you’re unsure of the look you’re after, these five inspiring design styles will turn your patio into your new favorite place to waste away a lazy afternoon.

1. Mediterranean

Create a more elevated, relaxed outdoor environment with a Mediterranean patio. The Mediterranean style comprises unique hardscaping with natural stone, terracotta pavers, and Spanish tiles inspired by Old World aesthetics.

 A small garden or potted herbs – basil, oregano, sage, and rosemary – can infuse the space with subtle greenery and all the right Italian aromas.

 Historically, Mediterranean regions like Portugal and Turkey are known for their drier conditions. This makes the Mediterranean style especially well-suited to homeowners who live in the American Southwest, where water conservation is critical. As such, adding succulents and other drought-friendly plants to your patio is another way to pay homage to the Mediterranean region, and they require very little water to thrive.

2. Countryside

A countryside patio should include rustic elements for a more casual atmosphere, with colorful flowers and plants surrounding the space. The key to perfecting this outdoor design is to ensure comfort, so you might consider incorporating brick or stone pavers to warm up the hardscaping.

 A firepit or table seating is conducive to this style, especially since the countryside feel should be welcoming enough for friends and family to gather for outdoor meals and conversation.

 Consider including wooden structures, either kept natural or painted white, and allowing trees and bushes to take over.

3. Spanish

Spanish-style homes are notorious for their brownish-red roofs and lighter siding, delivering ample opportunities for adding color and pattern to your patio.

 Porcelain Spanish tiles create visual interest as patio flooring or could be included in more subtle ways, like mosaic table tops, as a border, or in outdoor accessories. Opt for weathered pavers and ironworks, as well. Lanterns, mosaic pieces, and urns are also standard features you might want to include to produce a Spanish patio.

 Madrid, Spain, boasts 2,023 drinking water fountains and another 560 decorative fountains throughout the city. Consider adding one or more fountains to round out your Spanish-style outdoor area.

4. Cape Cod

Fewer things on this earth are cuter than a Cape Cod home, a style originating along southern Massachusetts’ infamous coastal communities.

 This architectural class is typically symmetrical with a more centered front door and chimney. Heavily-sloped rooftops with pitched dormers and shingle siding are other common features of a Cape Cod house.

 A Cape Cod patio exudes natural charm and elegance, incorporating neutral colors – light blue, gray, yellow, and cream – and only a few plants.

 Keep a well-manicured lawn to follow this design trend. Additionally, you might want to include comfortable seating, such as a wicker loveseat with chairs, thick-striped cushions, and a bar cart for cool drinks on a hot summer day.

5. Global Boho

Plant lovers and yoga enthusiasts might want to make a peaceful backdrop to channel their whimsical, avant-garde personalities. There’s a lot you can do to a global boho patio, such as including the following elements:


●        Lots of green plants in unique pots or vertical garden features

●        Decorative Moroccan lanterns and candles for romantic lighting

●        A hammock or daybed with comfortable cushions and several colorful pillows

●        String or market lights around the trees or patio features

●        Colorful textiles – outdoor rug, throw blankets, or mixed patterns


Including statues in the space is another way to create the boho vibe you’re going for. One popular component of feng shui is the Buddha. A stone Laughing Buddha represents nourishment and grounding and helps build a deeper connection to the earth.

Create a Patio Design That Makes You Happy

Whatever design style you decide for your patio should inspire you and generate a sense of harmony. Perhaps most importantly, it should function the way you intend to use it. Choose a look that reflects your individual preferences and transforms the space into a calming oasis.


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