5 Interior Design Trends We’re Predicting for 2020

A new decade is here, and with it comes a fresh crop of design trends you’ll see everywhere this year. Want to get a jump on 2020’s latest trends? You don’t need a crystal ball when you’ve got Shelby Girard, interior design expert and Havenly’s VP of Design. Below, we’ll take you through the five interior design trends Girard’s predicting that you’ll see everywhere in the new year. 

 Sculptural Furniture

Why simply sit in a chair, when you can make a statement with it? In 2020, expect to see more sculptural furniture that features rounded edges that make seating areas not only a place to gather but a point of interest in the room. Sculptural furniture ranges from quirky art chairs and rounded loveseats to asymmetric dining tables and molded side tables. These sculptural pieces create a sense of movement and are made from interesting materials that have a texture of their own. Expect to see dynamic sofas and armchairs in this style made of rich dyed wools, natural woods, and textured canvas.   

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Statement Ranges

Make a statement in your kitchen with a big, boldly colored range. Inspired by the French farmhouse aesthetic, this trend borrows a page from high-end culinary brands like La Conrue and Lacanche that make classic kitchen ranges that honor the French culinary tradition. These luxury ranges are cropping up in statement colors like black and blue. It makes the range a point of interest in the kitchen, instead of a necessary appliance that blends into the background. 



Arches took over interior design in 2019, and they’re not going anywhere in 2020. Passing through an arch feels like a whimsical walk under a rainbow. These smooth curves welcome visitors into your home and immediately soften the vibes in a room. If your home already features an arch in its design, you’re in luck; but you can also fake an arch with a bucket of paint plus a steady hand and throw one up over a doorway or fireplace. Look for arches in media consuls, built-ins, or craft one into your headboard to create a warm and approachable space.


Limewash & Plaster Walls

If your home boasts plaster walls, you’re in luck. Traditional plaster is back in a big way and can add warmth to the room. But, if your home has standard drywall, you can fake the look with a limestone finish.

2020, meet limewash. Limewash is an old world painting technique that lends an antique vibe to whatever wall it’s painted on. Limewash is created by adding limestone to paint colors to create a textured, milky, chalk-like finish.

Not only is it a popular aesthetic trend, but it’s also environmentally friendly. Most limewash paints don’t have the standard chemicals of off the shelf paint. If you’ve painted a wall before, you can DIY this trend with a few carefully applied coats of paint.


Pacific Natural

Pacific Natural is the latest design aesthetic that married California inspired casual cool with natural, inviting shapes and textures. Born out of lifestyle brand Jenni Kayne, Pacific Natural is both cozy and serene as well as minimal and timeless.

 Want to bring Pacific Natural design into your home? Incorporate rustic touches like natural wood coffee and side tables, but pair them with a minimal linen hammock-style loungers and a timeless cream couch. Don’t skimp on the rustic, but modern touches, such as plants in handmade vases or farmhouse tables adorned with an untreated linen table runner.


Bonus: Classic Blue

If you’re debating over a new coat of paint in the new year, look no further than Pantone’s Classic Blue, the designated “Color of the Year” for 2020. This timeless shade can bring depth to just about any space. It brings a sense of calm and serenity to the room. Pantone describes the shade as “non-aggressive and easily relatable,” making it a perfect fit for those who want to start dipping their toes into the world of bold statement wall colors.

Does your resolution include a new design for your home? If you’re hoping for an interior overhaul, you can’t go wrong trying out a few of these fun trends. A refresh can bring new life to a space, making it more welcoming than before.

Part of the fun in a resolution is embracing new designs in a home. Not sure what style suits the new year you? Try our interior design quiz to figure out what style works best for you.



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