5 Mother’s Day Gifts From A Distance

The modern internet is incredible for all sorts of different reasons. And one is that it opens up all sorts of new avenues for gift-giving. When a holiday like Mother’s Day rolls around, and you want to do something special for the woman who’s done more for you than anyone else in this world, these avenues can offer much-needed convenience. Ideally, of course, we’d all be with our mothers on this special day to eat a meal together, give a gift or two, or simply enjoy some quality time. This isn’t always possible, however, and if you need to send a gift from a distance to show you’re thinking of your mom, we have some fun ideas that exist entirely online, such that you don’t even need to worry about the timing (for instance, being concerned about whether or not flowers will be delivered on time).

We hope one of these will be just right for your mother!

  1. Masterclass

Masterclass is a budding phenomenon, and when you look at the range of classes the program now offers, you’ll see why it’s a perfect gift for mom (or really for just about anyone in your life!). If you’re unfamiliar with the idea, it’s basically an online video course in which an expert teaches his or her craft – say, Helen Mirren on acting, or Gordon Ramsay on cooking. A subscription costs $180/year, but you can also look into different options for gifting a specific course or two. Ultimately it’s a terrific gift that doesn’t require anything physical or shipping-related whatsoever, and it may just give your mother the lasting joy of a thorough course and a new skill or hobby to enjoy.

  1. Journalism Subscriptions

This is not a single gift, as Masterclass is, but it’s still a good idea to keep in mind if you need a gift from a distance and your mom happens to be a current events or news junkie. It seems that now more than ever news is in part a form of entertainment, with some education mixed in, and there are all sorts of different outlets for enjoying it all. You know best what to get for mom, but a package of subscriptions you design on your own – say, six months each of the New Yorker, the Athletic, and the Washington Post, to cover several bases – can be a very thoughtful gift. And as with Masterclass it basically requires nothing but an online payment.

  1. Audible

Audiobooks seem to be getting trendier and trendier, perhaps because people still love to read, but don’t have time to do it the old-fashioned way. Nowadays, many consume books while driving around town, or while out walking their dogs, for instance. There are actually various ways to give the gift of audiobooks, through Amazon, Audible, and other programs. Whatever the case, you can typically pay a subscription fee and give someone access to a given number of books over a given period of time, which can be a lovely Mother’s Day surprise.

  1. Gaming Deposit

It’s a bit of an unfair stereotype that online gaming and casinos are designated primarily for men. But various statistics show women are plenty interested in the same activities, and if your mom is one of those interested women – or even if you think she might be – this is another clever gift you can give from a distance. A dizzying variety of sites exists online presenting all sorts of different casino-related arcade games, and while they can be played for free in some cases, you can also open an account and provide a deposit such that your mother has a base to start playing with. It may be slightly unorthodox, but you’re basically giving the gift of entertainment.

  1. Design Pickle

Design Pickle is a fairly serious gift, as it’s a very pricey graphic design program. But it’s still a good model for an idea, and you can definitely find more affordable programs if your mother happens to be interested in digital art or graphic design. These programs tend to offer stripped down free options, but with a subscription they can provide an individual with all the tools needed to make gorgeous computer-based art, whether for personal use or even, potentially, business application. It’s another very thoughtful gift that requires minimal effort and will pay lasting dividends for anyone whose mother harbors artistic interests or would like to explore some creative pursuits.Hopefully, one of these ideas seems just right for your mother, and if not, we hope they at least got you thinking. Giving a gift from a distance on Mother’s Day requires a bit of additional thought, but these wholly digital ideas can make it easier and keep things interesting. That said, we’ll also add one more thing though: You should still send flowers! Guest Blogger-Lyn DavisFreelance writer  

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