5 Must Have Elements For The Modern Office

Renovating and redesigning an office is not a hard thing to do, compared to what comes before, and which is deciding how your office should look, and what it should contain.

Today, you have endless options what you can do with your office, from massaging office chairs to desk converters with multiple functions. Choosing what is the right thing for your office, is quite a big deal. You and your employees will be there every day. You want this place to be comfortable, and you want to make use of every spot of it, but you also want it to be pleasant to the human eye.

If you want a modern office, you can easily get one. Even if you like to have a super modest office, without extravagant furniture and huge pictures hanging on the walls, you can still make it modern, if you only include some of the must have elements for every modern office.

These elements, five of which we have listed below, make your office not only look more modern, but are proved to make your staff happier and more productive. At the end of the day, the main purpose of a modern office is to make work more enjoyable for your workers, and make them more productive.

  1. Natural light

Whatever you do with your office, keep in mind that the main thing that every office needs is a lot of natural light. While closed dark offices quickly make workers sleepy, tired, and give them the illusion of having been closed within four walls for hours and hours, offices with a lot of natural light tend to make workers more energized and productive. 

  1. White walls

An office with white walls highlights more the element of natural lights, and vice versa. In addition, white walls can be easily combined with everything. Even if you decide, a short time after, to replace the furniture in your office, you will not need to paint the walls again, as they go with everything. They also give the illusion of a more spacious place, what lets people breathe easier than in an office colored i.e. in velvet, which makes many people experience shortness of breath.

  1. A lot of plants

And we are not talking just about colorful roses or tulips. We are talking about all types of flowers, cactuses, Aloe Vera, jade plants, peace lilies and many more. They make the office environment livelier, they scientifically lower stress and promote good feelings, and above all they clean the air. You will thus have a movement full of happy people, that enjoy work more than they would in an office without any plants.

  1. Glass office partitions

Ditch those wooden or plastic partitions between your workers, and instead introduce glass. They totally make your environment more modern, and look prettier than any other partition. You may fear that your workers may not be completely comfortable while being under the watch of other people all the time, but other partitions are not that much effective either.They will not only get used to glass very quickly, but they will also enjoy it as soon as they figure out that with such partitions they will be able to see and wave at their favorite coworkers whenever they want to.

  1. The personal corner

A lot of people spend most of the day at the office. Thus, somehow, the office actually feels more like home than their own house. While everybody can put a picture of their lover, parents or kids in their table, or keep some kind of souvenir in their drawer, every modern office should have a corner in which workers can share personal meaningful stuff for them.This could be a huge board hanged on the wall where workers can stick their pictures together, or pictures of them from a trip alone or their loved ones. A sock of their baby, a drawing of their puppy, a refrigerator magnet sent from  the other side of the world, a favorite poem, the name of an inspiring person, and anything else that makes them feel better.This way, you will not only have a pretty corner, but you will also make your workers more compassionate and understanding with each other.  Guest Blogger-Jim Antderson is a passionate interior design geek, tower fan expert and the main blogger at SplendidFans.com

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