5 Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing Organic Fashion

In today’s world, climate change is something that is on most people’s minds. We hear about so many factors contributing to climate change, such as plastic pollution, fossil fuel emissions, and deforestation. We recycle and switch to paper straws to try to do our part. However, our fashion choices don’t always come to the top of our minds when thinking about what we can do to help save our planet. But it should – the fashion industry is responsible for up to 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

The good news is that there is an eco-friendly fashion industry out there with clothing and accessories that you will love! Here are 7 reasons why you should make the switch to organic clothing:

1.  Higher Quality

Organic fashion is often made from better, higher-quality materials. There are specific guidelines in place that allow a shop or store to refer to themselves as organic, so you can be sure your items are made of the best materials. Not only will organic fashion look nicer, but it will also feel nicer on your skin.

Fast fashion – the trend of lower-end fashion companies replicating high-fashion designs for a fraction of the cost – can lead to the mass production of low-quality clothing. The goal of high fashion is to get fashion looks to retail while demand is still high. The quality of the clothes is not always taken into consideration when being made.

With the rise of slow fashion brands offering organic and eco-friendly options, you can ensure that your clothes are made thoughtfully and with consideration, leading to a higher-quality alternative. Slow fashion offers the art of carefully crafting each piece so you can buy fashion that is made to last long term, not just during a specific trend lifespan.

High-end fashion also offers creative alternative options when it comes to techniques and fabrics, like a soft hoodie made from micro sanded fleece.

2.  Raise Awareness

By buying clothes and accessories that are sustainable, you can help to create awareness about climate change. How great would it feel if someone complimented your sweater and asked where it was from, and you could respond that it was made from recycled water bottles? It can be a great conversation starter and a way for you to encourage others to think of buying organic and sustainable clothing options.

3.  Avoid Waste

Fast fashion often comes with a low price tag. And many fast fashion brands sell pieces that may be super trendy and in fashion right now but may be completely out of style in a few months. It can lead to overbuying, due to both the cheap price and desire for something super trendy, which can ultimately lead to hoarding or throwing away unwanted clothes. Buying high-quality, timeless fashion that is made to last will help you avoid waste – and your wallet may thank you in the long run.

4.  Support Better Labor Practices

The United States has federal laws in place to make sure workplaces are fair and ethical. Unfortunately, not all countries have laws like this. By buying from inexpensive fashion companies where everything is made overseas, you could be funding and supporting a company that follows unethical work environments and even child labor. It is sad to say but child labor is a big problem in today’s world. If a company labels itself as organic or sustainable, it’s likely that it will be able to prove that its fashion is made safely and ethically.

5.  Amazing Options

There are a ton of amazing organic, eco-friendly fashion options on the market. No matter what you are looking for, you can find a sustainable organic option. Organic fashion goes beyond just clothes – there are plenty of accessories available too. From eco-friendly jewelry to carbon-made diamonds, there is a sustainable option to shop for all your needs and for every special occasion or milestone.

Being sustainable can be fashionable too. Ethical and sustainable tote bags are one of the hottest trends in fashion. Tote bags are a great replacement for your plastic or leather bag, and these totes are made with material that is friendly for the environment.

Feel Good About Your Fashion Choices

Shopping organic will allow you to not only look good, but also feel good. You get to wear fashion and accessories that are high-quality and unique while also saving the planet – now that is a win-win!

If you want to see change, be the change. Making the switch to organic clothing can help you feel better and look amazing. What’s better than that!



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