5 Ways Home Design Will Forever Be Changed by COVID-19

Our lives have been changed due to COVID and even our homes are feeling the effects. Here are 5 ways home design will forever be changed because of COVID.

If there’s anything we can say about this pandemic is that life is likely to never be the same. We’ve had to adapt to a new way of life and how we socialize. We’ve had to change how we work, play, make purchases and even how we design our houses!

Real estate agents in Naples, FL participated in the HomeLight Q4 2020 survey and they shared 5 ways COVID-19 has changed home design – possibly forever.

1. Home offices that are stylish and functional


All over the nation, companies have decided that individuals whose work doesn’t need to be done in the office have allowed their employees to work from home. While this may seem like a windfall for some, folks with partners who are also working from home, children who are doing distance learning, or have small spaces are vying for a home office. 

Homeowners want a space where they can close the door and get work done without distraction. They want a space where they can keep all of the things they need for work (or school) in one place so they don’t have to search through the house for that all-too important project or report. 

The likelihood of remote work will become permanent is pretty high and 14.5% of surveyed agents believe that alone will be a catalyst for people who are considering relocation.

2. Family-friendly outdoor living spaces


Understandably, when you’re stuck at home because your area is under quarantine, you’re going to get bored! Who wants to stare at the same four walls day in and day out? Sure, you can go sit outside, but even that gets boring after a while – especially if your yard is… lacking. 

Homeowners are paying a lot more attention to their yards and viewing them as another living space. They’re building decks or patios so they can have a nice place to enjoy the weather, spend time with the family, and have meals. Homeowners are planting gardens, taking better care of their lawns and even creating play areas for the kids. 

3. Homeowners crave in-ground swimming pools

Along with outdoor living spaces, people are going the extra mile and installing in-ground swimming pools for an extra place to have fun. In fact, 65% of agents say homes with swimming pools are great because not only do they boost curb appeal and will increase buyer interest (especially if you’re located in a warmer climate). Just keep in mind that a pool may only add 7% of value to your home and there’s significant maintenance-related costs to consider, too.


4. Spacious areas to use for multiple purposes

Homeowners whose homes are short on space and they don’t have the means to move to a new house are looking for ways they can make one room serve multiple purposes. The most common example is combining a home office with a guest room. Or they may take to finishing the basement or attic so they have space for additional storage, a home gym, an office, entertainment, or whatever else they may need. 

5. Homeowners want multigenerational living spaces

With millions of people out of work or unable to live on their college campus, families are looking into ways to create multigenerational living spaces. Some families are just adding a bathroom onto another bedroom whereas some families are going all out and adding a complete addition with all the features of a studio apartment. 

If you’re considering adding a multigenerational living space in your home, you need to be aware that it’s not a cheap project! Adding a bathroom to a bedroom can range between $95 to $895, which isn’t too bad. However, a basic apartment addition can cost upward to $71,000 or more depending on how elaborate you choose to go. 

COVID-19 has caused so much grief and despair for millions of families around the nation. And we’ve had to change a lot of our lives to make the best out of a difficult situation. Homeowners are rethinking their home designs and are finding ways to make their homes fit this new normal. Right now… That’s all we can really do.


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