5 Ways To Add Color To Your Winter Blues

The air is crisp and darkness falls upon us sooner in these winter months. Bare branches as outward fingers freeze in the breeze. Visions of the warm sun glistening off the oceans horizon seem to be a faint memory. The anticipation and excitement for the holidays have long gone.  Our steadfast motivations and resolutions may have lost their momentum. A slight feeling of the blues may have crept into your thoughts like a cold wet blanket. You may need a little light in your life and I know a great way to do it! That light can come from color. Yes, colors can add simple pleasures that make you happier and brighter if you include them in your home. Adding a vibrant color to your home décor can be just as satisfying as listening to your favorite song or running that extra mile. Making a commitment to brining color into your home is a great start to a new year. Here are 5 simple ways you can do so.

1. Adding A Pop Of Color To Your Bed Pillows

Your bedroom is  your sanctuary and a place for solace and reflection.  Your bedroom can easily take on a place that inspires original thought and inquisitiveness. This feng shui color of sunlight  should be used in small dosages, but when strategically placed it can awaken a room,  in the most uplifting way. It’s a come hither color with its cozy and welcoming feeling.rrr

2:  Accessorize With Color!

Adding a pop of color into a home accessory is fun and easy. A touch of something bright can add style and flare to any room in the home. bbb copy

3. An Area Rug With A Punch Of Color

Accent rugs are a great way to alter the décor of your home with hints of color. You can spice up your space with a dramatic effect using bold colors and patterns. They not only anchor a room, but add style and depth. If your not bold enough to use a vibrant area rug in your living room, you can incorporate one in your outdoor space,  entryway or bathroom.rug copy

4. Bring Color Into Your Window Treatment

Window treatments are a great way to add color to your home.  There are a plethora of styles and colors that will brighten any room. It’s crucial to consider the type of fabric, lining and length when selecting your custom made or off-the-shelf curtains.

PowerPoint Presentation5. Bring Color Into Your Artwork

 Don’t be shy to incorporate bright colors into your artwork.  Artwork can cheer up a room and keep it from looking boring and feeling cold. Bright pieces have an uncanny way of breathing life into a room. They often serve as a focal point, so allow that piece to bring joy color to your life! http://www.beasleyandhenley.com  

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