5 Wonderful Cities to Live in the Southeast (+ Steps to Moving!)

Source: f11photo/Shutterstock.com

Source: f11photo/Shutterstock.com


If you are thinking about packing up your things and starting a new adventure in the Southeastern United States, you’ve made a good choice. The Southeast is a beautiful place to live, full of historic, laidback, family-friendly and affordable cities where you can lay down your roots and live out your dreams.

 Whether you are looking at family starter homes in Mt. Pleasant, SC, or chic living accommodations in Music City, Tennessee, the Southeast is full of towns and cities that are great places to live. Check out these five wonderful cities in the Southeast and get some helpful tips on moving there.


1.     Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina, is a lovely town with a population of about 62,776 people. Greenville is an affordable city with a family-friendly atmosphere. It is known for its high-quality schools, local food joints and mix of colonial-style homes, bungalows and modern Craftsman-style ranches. This is a good place for millennials to buy their first home and grow a family.

 Downtown Greenville offers a lot of green space, pedestrian walkways and a free trolley. Greenville Zoo is a family-centered attraction where the kids can see lions, pandas and giraffes. The Liberty Bridge offers residents a spectacular view of the downtown area and overlooks the Reedy River. Several delicious establishments in Greenville serve classic Southern fare that you’ll grow to love once you call the city home.

 2.     Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, North Carolina, the capital of the state, boasts a population of 474,069 residents. The city was established in 1792 and is named after Sir Walter Raleigh, a famed English nobleman and explorer. Raleigh is big enough that you’ll feel like you’re living in a city, but it still feels small enough that raising a family here is ideal.

 Raleigh is home to a 180 mile stretch of greenway that gives residents trails to jog, walk or bike. The city has a robust shopping culture, making it an excellent place for young singles who shop in trendy locations.

 There are plenty of sporting events in Raleigh, including hockey games featuring the Carolina Hurricanes and women’s pro soccer. The city also boasts several historic sites and museums that residents and tourists visit often. The North Carolina Museum of Art and the Kids Marble Museum are educational attractions that your family can enjoy when you live in or near Raleigh.

Source: Kristi Blokhin/Shutterstock.com

Source: Kristi Blokhin/Shutterstock.com

1.     Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

South Carolina has many lovely cities in which to live, but Mount Pleasant truly earns its name. There are only about 77,907 residents in this laidback coastal town, and it is ranked as one of the safest cities in South Carolina. It is located minutes from historic Charleston, but it creates its own small ocean town vibe.

 The schools in Mount Pleasant offer rigorous academic programs for children of families living in the city. Mount Pleasant provides residents with clean, safe suburban homes within close range of the Isle of Palms County Park and Sullivan’s Island, both fantastic beaches in the area. Additionally, military history buffs love this location because of the nearby tours of the USS Yorktown and USS Laffey.

 Mount Pleasant is popular with retirees looking for a calm place to settle down and young professionals seeking a safe place to grow their families.


2.     Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, better known as “Music City,” is a mecca for country music stars and fans. With a population of 643,771 people, this is a city with a rich history steeped in country music but also the culture of the American Southeast. Nashville is an excellent place for students embarking on their college careers as it is home to Tennessee State University and Vanderbilt University. It’s also a great location for young professionals and families.

 The best thing about Nashville is that you’ll never be bored living in the city. There are events year-round and a thriving local music scene, including the historic Grand Ole Opry and other country-music landmarks. Sports fans can attend a Tennessee Titans game or a Predators hockey game. There’s also plenty of delicious grub in Nashville to sample, mainly at venues owned by some of the biggest stars in the country music genre. 


3.     Charleston, South Carolina


Charleston, South Carolina, is one of the best cities in the Southeast. It has been named the “South’s Best City” by Southern Living at least three times in recent years. Charleston is full of a special kind of southern charm that its residents enjoy and help to culture.

 The city is lined in palm trees. This beautiful fauna highlights the city’s uniqueness and offers residents a spectacular experience as they walk down the city’s main streets.

 Charleston is home to all types of people, so no matter your reason for moving to this city, you are sure to find a property and community that meets your needs. There are great schools in the city, it is close to gorgeous beaches where the family can play and there is a bustling city life full of art, music and food for those who crave excitement.



Steps for Moving to the Southeast

When you’re looking to move to another location, especially if it is another state, there are several steps you can take to make the transition as smooth as possible.

 1.     Make a Visit

If possible, visit the city where you want to live before your moving date. Take a tour and get to know the areas where you’ll be looking for housing. Get a feel for where you’ll be living.

 2.     Research Schools and Employment

Start researching schools in the location where you’ll be moving to find out where you want to look for properties to live. Check out employment options. Look for homes that are close to a good school and your job.

 3.    Start Looking at Properties

Begin looking at properties in your desired city. If you are planning to move to Charleston, work with a local realtor to view downtown Charleston houses for sale so that you can see what is available and start budgeting. Apply for a rental unit or make an offer on a property that fulfills your wish list.

 4.     Figure Out Moving Logistics

Figure out how you will get your things from your old home to your new home with as few hiccups as possible. Book a moving company and plan the route from your current home to your new one for moving day. 

 5.     Update All Information

Switch over your address on all your bills. Change banks if necessary or update your address. Get a new driver’s license and register your car title. Place a forwarding address at the post office so your mail makes it to your new home.

 Enjoy Your New Southeastern Home

There are so many beautiful cities to consider moving to in the Southeast. From historic Charleston to gorgeous coastal Mount Pleasant, each Southern city has a charm and aura all its own. Just remember to follow the helpful tips for moving to a new state to make your transition go smoothly. Then, settle into your new home and start living your new life in the Southeast.





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