6 TOP Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas You’ll Love In 2021

I would like to start off by asking you a question. How often do you stand back and reflect on what you have to be grateful for? I ask this because this year has been big year of reflection for me. It’s been a year of mindful contemplation and thankfulness that I carry forward from month to month. My soul is a little richer and filled with the joy that my mind has allowed me to feel how beautiful things really are. With Thanksgiving just a few weeds away I hope the thankful spirit spreads from my table to yours. You might think your turkey all or the fixings are the best part of your Thanksgiving , but it’s all in the atmosphere you create. Almost as important as the food itself, is the Thanksgiving table and I want to share some of my favorite dining table decor with you. Whether your reminiscing about Thanksgiving past or anticipating this years celebration, your dining table should reflect those memories. How much or little you decide to decorate is up to you, but your guests will undoubtedly appreciate the thought you put into creating a special place for them. Here are a few items you can add to your table settings as inspiration for you to create your own memorable design.

  1. Turn Your Table Into A Chinoiserie Pieces of Art

    The blend of elegant European designs with intriguing, exotic East Asian artistic flair is whimsical, lush and worldly. Blue and white is fresh and timeless and pairing it with natural wood handled silverware gives it the right amount of appeal texture and grace.

2. All White With A Touch Of Greenery

There is something chic and modern with an all white tablescape and adding fresh greenery adds the perfect pop of color! White color is very sweet and exquisite, it’s classical and suitable for Thanksgiving. Add small decorative pumpkins to amp up the autumnal feeling, as well, your guests will love them!

3. Bring On The Drama With An Oversized Candelabra!

An elegant tablescape creates a romantic setting in which diners eat by candlelight and delight in a kind of winter wonderland. While this one is is reminiscent of the nature tablescape, the differences lie in the contrast between the natural and material world.

4. Gold & Plaid

I think the gold and copper accent colors are perfect for Thanksgiving. It adds warmth with a little sparkle. In keeping with the gold theme, add gold flatware and some vintage looking candles and a touch of plaid.

#5- The Monochromatic Farmhouse Styled Table

Whether you prefer a monochromatic color scheme or an assortment of colors within the same family, your neutral Thanksgiving décor is sure to be timeless. Neutral decorations can also be combined with any color scheme so you won’t have to worry about the decorations clashing with color of dining room walls or chairs. I do love the simplicity of the monochromatic look below, it screams elegant and classic!

6.. Edible Decor

There is no right or wrong place your edible decor. Just throw a bunch of produce on the table and see what sticks. And do you know what the best part of it is? Your guests will love furtively popping fruit in their purses as the meal stretches on. What a wonderful expression of love and appreciation for your guests!

Photo By: Hey Let’s Make Some Stuff

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