6 Warm & Inviting Fall Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Photo Credit: West Elm

Photo Credit: West Elm

Summer has come and gone. Though unfortunate, it’s not like most people were able to get out and about to enjoy the summer energy of the sun’s rays, considering the current state of the world and the guidelines of social distancing everywhere.

Nevertheless, even though outdoor activities have been mostly limited to more solitary forms, such as camping and gardening, to reduce contact with other people, indoor activities, on the other hand, have seen a massive spike in activity.

Cooking, for instance, has been all the rage. As most people have been stuck inside their houses with nothing to do, they have taken to the kitchen to try out their chef skills, with many ordering the best cooking wares that they can find online so that they can test recipes, seasonal or otherwise.

On the other hand, people are constantly sprucing up their homes according to the season, be it spring, summer, and now, fall.

This article is here to assist you in decision-making for your fall-themed kitchen decorating. Were you hoping to try a couple of new recipes, but couldn’t find the mood to do so because of how your kitchen looks? We have you covered.

 Make a fall centerpiece

You can use a tray, or other platforms as the centerpiece for your decorations here. Get creative! You probably have a lot of untouched stored items and accessories with a lot of potentials to be used. Find them, whether it’s some fake pumpkins, brown kitchenware, or even a vase filled with fall-themed décor inside, and arrange them on said platform. Next, employ a staircase or spiral effect. Choose the tallest accessory piece you have and place it on the platform. Then, add pieces that progressively get shorter and shorter until you run out. It’s quite simple, and you can even make it from items you already have.

 Place a seasonal fruit basket

Photo Credit: Country Living

Photo Credit: Country Living

The beauty of a fruit basket is that it works in any season – not just fall.

You can owe it to the flexibility of the design here, as the fruit and other accessories depending on your own choice. Here, you can make a regular brown fruit basket even more enticing simply by adding fruit like apples or chestnuts. Just add some twigs and berries and you’ve got yourself an amazing fall décor!

 Use fall-themed linens

Photo Credit: Pottery Barn

Photo Credit: Pottery Barn

How many towels do you have in your house right now? Probably more than you really use at any one time, I’m sure. So, here is an idea for you: Considering that it’s the season of fall, why not use more aptly themed towels? Even simply focusing more on specific towels, such as ones with leafy or pumpkin designs, or colors that lean more towards fall such as brown or yellow towels add a nuance to your house while you decorate. This applies to other parts of your home too. Your bed? How about going for some sheets with a reddish shade on them? It would make a pleasant view with the leaves fluttering about outside too. Your curtains? Orange and brown, to perfectly fit the feel of the colors of the field outside.

Actually, to add on to that…

 Prioritize fall colors while decorating

Perhaps you can consider using hardwood flooring for your kitchen. It fits great with the theme of fall, considering its rich brown colors (of which you can even change if you so desire) as well as the natural touch it gives to your kitchen. But it also has a practical use – hardwood flooring is amazing for any kitchen because of how much easier it is to clean in comparison to something like a carpet. Other than your flooring, you can decorate the kitchen by using different accessories with colors suited for fall, such as brown, yellow, red, and orange. Of course, it doesn’t have to be only one of these. A combination of all of them works well together as well.

Add mini pumpkins and gourds on trays and platforms

It’s simple, yet cute and worth it for your décor. Adding some tiny pumpkins (even if they are fake) on some unused trays in your kitchen will give it an additional taste of fall. You can also place them in multiple spots, such as the center of countertops, open cupboards, or ledges. They are just too endearing to be passed up!

 Hollow out pumpkins and combine them with other décor 

Picture credits: https://alicestable.com/blog/2016/diy-pumpkin-vase-centerpieces-to-spruce-up-your-fall

Picture credits: https://alicestable.com/blog/2016/diy-pumpkin-vase-centerpieces-to-spruce-up-your-fall

Pumpkins don’t have to only be used as they currently are either.

DIY enthusiasts tend to hollow out pumpkins to add in their own touch inside, such as lamps, vases, or flowers. It’s not just a Halloween thing with jack-o-lanterns! Plus, you can add that pumpkin pulp you scooped out to some of your other fall recipes. It’s a win-win!


Wrapping up

Fall reminds us of warm and cozy days, which is honestly just what we need, especially with the lockdowns in place in different parts of the world. With a nice decorating touch, you can make the artistic canvas for your meals, the kitchen, a lovely and comfortable place to be in as you cook. Remember to not concentrate the decorations on just one place, however, whether it’s the dining tables or the kitchen countertops. You want the entire place to feel roomy and comfy, after all, not just dump your accessories somewhere and call it a day. Instead, opt to spread them around, especially when you have a lot of room to work with. More space covered means that the spirit of fall can truly encapsulate as much of your kitchen as possible.

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