7 Great Ways to Make Your Bedroom Cozier and Prettier

 Your bedroom should ideally be the most comfortable space in your house. It’s a given. After all, this is where you spend most of your time. After a tiring day outdoors, it’s in your bedroom where you can unwind, relax, and reboot yourself. But, most people end up sacrificing comfort when they try to raise the aesthetic level. This doesn’t have to be the case. Your bedroom can be both cozy and pretty at the same time. Let’s look at seven great ways to make your bedroom cozier and prettier.

1. Reposition Your Bed

Your bed does not necessarily have to lean against a wall. If your bedroom is large enough, consider moving your bed near a window to create a cozy reading spot.

2. Cover a Wall with Tapestries

Tapestries don’t cost a fortune and can help make a bold statement. You can easily find a tapestry that matches your taste and style at an online home décor store. You can have one on the wall behind the bed. Tapestries can also be placed alongside the artwork on the focal wall in your bedroom.

3. Remove Unnecessary Furniture

Get rid of furniture items that you don’t really need in a bedroom. This is especially important if you have a small bedroom. Can a desk double up as a nightstand? If yes, you can create some empty space in your bedroom. Opt for furniture items with hidden storage space. This way, you can hide away various items such as your laptop/phone adapter, magazines, hairpins, etc. to create a more coherent look. Remember, a cluttered space is neither comfortable nor pretty.

Photo: Bench By Potterybarn

Photo: Bench By Potterybarn

4. Add Some Plants

Plants can make a bedroom feel alive. They don’t just brighten up the space but also offer numerous health benefits. Plants can help relieve stress and purify the air. In low light conditions, some of the best plants for a bedroom include Peace lily, English ivy, and Philodendron. In bright-light conditions, you can opt for plants such as parlor Palm, Pothos, and Scented Geranium. Plants such as Jasmine, Aloe Vera, and Spider Plant are known to improve the quality of sleep. Experienced designers know how to use plants and artwork to add personality to a living space. You just have to be a little creative to do the same.

Rattan Plant Stands By Urban Outfitters

Rattan Plant Stands By Urban Outfitters

5. Pick the Right Color Scheme to Make Your Bedroom More Restful

A bedroom’s color scheme shouldn’t be too bright or too dull. It is also advisable to avoid high contrast in colors. To balance comfort level and aesthetic appeal, opt for ‘warm neutrals.’ With earthy blues, browns, beiges, and light-to-mid-tone greys, you can create a color scheme that blends well with pillows, rugs, curtains, etc.

6. Get an Area Rug

An area rug won’t just keep your feet cozy but also add personality to your bedroom. There is no dearth of options in colors, patterns, and textures. So, you can show off your style while elevating the comfort level of your bedroom. From an expensive antique Persian rug to a low-cost minimalist piece, you can buy one that you can afford right now. But, you need one in your bedroom. It’s one of the must-have accessories in any home. Invest in a high-pile area wool rug if possible. They don’t cost much and feel great around a bed. An area rug can literally help define the space. It can be used to anchor the bed or a piece of custom-designed upholstery and tie together different furniture items to create a more finished look. Needless to mention, area rugs help protect your floors as well.

Photo: Lulu And Georgia

Photo: Lulu And Georgia

7. Include As Many Warm, Natural Materials as Possible

Warm, natural materials can make any living space feel cozier and prettier. From linen and wool to wicker, stone, geodes, and wood, you can add some or all of them to add coziness to your bedroom.

Photo: Potterybarn

Photo: Potterybarn

Final Words

Besides the tips shared above, you can also increase the flow of natural light in your bedroom. You will be amazed at how natural light can brighten up space and make it appear more comfortable during the day time.

You may also want to change up the lighting. Replace an old traditional lamp and consider installing recessed fixtures, sconces, or pendants.

If you like to read books, magazines, etc. before you go to sleep each night, consider installing a reading lamp on one side of the bed. 

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