8 Beautiful Fall Decor Trends for Your Home

8 Beautiful Fall Decor Trends for Your Home

 With daylight savings around the corner and early sunsets becoming a reality, the fall season is coming into full swing. With the holidays fast approaching, family gatherings and festive parties are sure to happen. Every year brings new trending, chic, and modern ideas to get your home holiday ready. Whether your goal this fall is to achieve holiday “host with the most” status or simply fall in love with your home again, these fall fashions are sure to help you get there. Read on to discover eight versatile fall decor trends that will transform your home into a warm, inviting space to be enjoyed by the whole family.

 1. Retro: The Look That Never Stops Trending

 With all the trends that come and go every year, it can be hard to keep up with what is “in” and what is not. We love retro because it never goes out of style! The simplistic, yet modern, style of retro furniture continues to captivate buyers. The iconic look of retro style furniture and accessories creates feelings of nostalgia and instantly adds character to any room in the house. Try accenting a living room, or maybe even a game room, with a splash of retro by incorporating a warm orange or sultry scarlet red for fall.



2. Focus On The Kitchen


The kitchen is the focal point in any home. Make the most of your kitchen this fall and consider updating kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and countertops with bold, rich colors. You will be amazed at what a little color change will do for the kitchen. As the days get cooler, warm, richly pigmented colors add a depth and coziness to your living space that will be truly appreciated. Plus, using warm tones as a backdrop makes decorating for holiday parties a breeze. With the seasonal stage set, all you’ll need to do is put out a fresh vase of chrysanthemums and a bowl of gourds, and you’ll be ready to entertain.

 3. Throw Pillows Were Made To Throw

 One of the easiest trends to implement this fall is throw pillows. As the name suggests, feel free to throw them on any sofa, loveseat, recliner, or chair. Throw pillows are affordable and easy to store. Since texture is in vogue this fall, velvet throw pillows are a seductive choice. Try a solid jewel tone to compliment a neutral colored couch. The best part is when the season is done and April calls for a springtime vibe, just store your fall colors and bring out the floral prints. Throw pillows can change the mood of the room in an instant.




4. It’s All About The Lighting

  1. Lighting is everything in a room. Achieve your desired fall and holiday atmosphere through the use of proper luminescence. Boring table lamps and fluorescent lights are a thing of the past. Unique, modern lighting fixtures along with gorgeous accessories allow today’s homeowner the ability to create a brilliant look for any room. With the many beautiful and inventive new luminary designs available to consumers these days, you’re sure to find the right light fixture to for your seasonal style. Feeling creative? Try crafting your own unique pendant lighting!



5. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

 When considering furniture, black might not be your first thought. However, with the right space and accessories, black furniture can be a daring design risk with a huge payoff. The key to pulling off this intense look is to treat the piece like the focal point of the room. Choose neutral or earth-tones as a backdrop, and opt for minimalist accessories with understated designs. Avoid flashy art, clutter, or any competing design elements, as these will lead to sensory overload when used in conjunction with such a bold piece. However, if strategically implemented, the right piece of furniture in black can make your home feel as ready for the season as you do.

living AQUA at Pelican Bay Condo 304 Design In Naples By Beasley & Henley Interior Design.jpg

6. A Little Bit of Color Goes a Long Way

Painting a wall or renovating a kitchen or bathroom may not be an option on such short notice this fall season. When looking to add some color to a neutral-toned room, consider adding finished accessories to doors, cupboards and cabinets instead. Door knobs and cabinet handles are not what they used to be! Choose updated hardware with a rustic finish for a seasonally appropriate look that you’ll still love come summer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what a little handy work will do for the look of your home.


7. Stimulate All Your Senses

 Decor and ambiance go hand-in-hand, and a great smelling house is always trending! Nothing screams fall like the sweet smell of stove top potpourri. To immediately make your house smell like fall, try boiling these spices together or separately:

 ●       Cinnamon sticks

●       Cardamom pods

●       Whole cloves

●       Star anise

●       Citrus peels

●       Fresh ginger

●       Pine sprigs

●       Vanilla or almond extract

●       Rosemary or sage sprigs

This delightful simmering concoction will be a welcomed sensory treat in any home this fall.

 8. Add Some Texture

Toscana upstairs 2.jpg


When you are looking to cozy up a space for fall, texture is what you need. Textured accents throughout the home is an element we’ll see a lot more of this fall. Texture is fun and creative, and it brings in a warm richness to any room. It engages the sense of touch along with aesthetics and can be utilized in many different patterns and prints to entertain the eyes. Consider chunky throw blankets, rustic wood furniture, and colorful, vintage rugs. Even a vase of dried eucalyptus or a potted indoor plant add natural textural elements that will ground your interior space for the upcoming season.

Leave It To The Professionals

 With a busy work, school, and holiday schedule quickly filling up this fall, home decor and updating may seem like a daunting task. Of course a facelift for your home sounds like a great idea, but who has the time to complete a home overhaul these days? A professional eye with a fresh and artistic approach can help bring your trending decor vision to life. Start creating your ultimate fall or year-round look today. Afterall, a passion for great interior design is always in season.  



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