A Complete Guide to Preparing Your Home for Your Wedding ~It’s Wedding Season~

 While wedding venues are an extremely popular location to get married, many people are choosing to use their home for at least some of the festivities. Whether you decide to use your home for the wedding ceremony itself, as the reception location, or even simply as a place for out-of-town guests to stay, some preparation work is needed.

 Luckily, there are many low-cost ways you can prepare your home for your wedding day that take minimal planning and effort. Beasley & Henley Interior Design outlines a few below.

Don’t Forget Your Yard

  Even if you plan on having most of the events take place inside your home, decorating the outside of your house can really set the mood before guests even walk in the door. Country Living points out that outside decorations don’t have to be gigantic or cost lots of money. Just like inside your home, simple is usually better.

 You might want to look into building a trellis or pergola for the occasion. A well-constructed trellis and beautiful landscaping can make your special day even more unforgettable.


 Before you can even think about putting up decorations, you need to clean your home. No matter how clean you usually keep your house, having wedding guests calls for some serious deep cleaning. Air vents should be vacuumed out, carpets should be cleaned, and curtains should be washed.

 Merry Maids notes that you should not forget to clean the inside of your cabinets and the top of your refrigerator. While these places are often overlooked, cleaning them is necessary to ensure a clean eating space for you and your guests. While completely cleaning your home might seem like a lot if your wedding day is fast approaching, it is possible to do it in as little as seven days. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, look into hiring a cleaning service to take some of the responsibilities off of your shoulders.

 Also get busy decluttering. This entails not just discarding, storing or donating items you don’t use or need – it means dealing with all the paperwork and receipts that’s been piling up in drawers and on your desk. One way to do this is digitizing your documents and using Adobe Acrobat to combine PDFs into one file. This easy-to-use PDF merger tool helps you organize your files and group categories together, a real godsend when it comes to retrieving files later as needed.


Keep the Decorations Simple

 When it comes to inside your home, remember to keep your decorations simple. Large and elaborate decorations can take away valuable floor space and might look out of place against your laid-back furnishings. Plus, keeping decorations simple also means that you will not be able to spend very long decorating your home, which frees up valuable space for you to relax and get other things done.

 If you’re out of ideas, A Practical Wedding has a number of cheap decorating tips for weddings. On top of keeping your decorations simple, it is important to focus on lighting as well. Getting a few extra lights for the inside of your home can brighten the whole space up and make it look more inviting. There is no need to buy whole new floor lamps or anything of that sort, however. Well-placed tea lights and string lights can go a long way.


Check for Repairs

 If you have been putting off making those small repairs to your home, now is the time to do it. While that broken bathroom door knob might not seem like a big deal now, it can easily throw off your whole theme and cause difficulties for your guests.

 You should also make sure that all your appliances and furnishings are functioning at 100 percent. That wobbly table leg might just break under the pressure of a large wedding gathering, and your refrigerator might not be able to make as much ice as you think.

 Weddings can be stressful, so don’t allow the added responsibility of decorating your home cause you even more frustration. Keep things simple and don’t forget that the small things, such as lighting and cleaning, can really go a long way.

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