Amazing Tree houses! A Journey to the Trees in Architecture and Interior Design

 Whether you were lucky enough to have one of your own or at least a friend with one, I’m sure as a kid you spent a portion of playtime in a treehouse! If you think about it, without Architecture and Interior Design a treehouse wouldn’t exist.  How would it be constructed? Decorated? Safe? There are so many vital components that are overlooked as a kid, and for obvious reasons.  Looking at a tree house now from a different perspective is quite intriguing! Now the tree houses posted below are not your average tree houses (or maybe they are for some people) but they incorporate design and architecture to the highest degree and are extremely impressive!

Bluebird Treehouse

Check out this Tree house with a secret sliding door to the balcony that sits  atop the 1/2-octagon deck with hand-woven rope net railings.  There is even a 50′ long zip line ride in case you want to quickly escape!

Night Treehouse 

This treehouse looks like it’s a treehouse for grownups.  Maybe they enjoy it at night when the little ones are asleep.  How amazing is this one?  Stairs, electricity, a hammock.  It’s practically it’s own apartment!

Magic Treehouse

You’d have to be a good climber to get into this treehouse!  Built in a small cove of Redwood Trees, this treehouse is the most rustic and camouflaged  we’ve seen.  Definitely a perfect location for a treehouse.

Did you have a treehouse when you were younger? Or do your children have one?  If not maybe these will inspire some ideas for a fun treehouse of your own!

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