Antiques, A Passion & A Cause

I’m passionate about antiques. They individualize a room that reflects one’s own unique taste and persona. Pairing functioning antiques with modern or industrial pieces of furniture,  have been a recent design aesthetic I’ve recently enjoyed.  I believe the right antique can be used to break up the metonymy of a room. They can serve as a focal point while giving off a captivating fragrance of confidence, with ease. I have a fondness for their ability to tell a story without emitting a word, but once their story has been told, their stillness can transform into movement in the most captivating way. Similar to actors in my favorite movie, antiques can play a variety of roles in a home. They can play the desirable leading role or an intriguing extra who shines from afar. Regardless of the role, each are equally important to the complexity  and completion of a film. Capturing their audience one moment at a time. I love their uncanny way of bringing warmth and culture to a room, which always ignites a fire and curiosity within me.During my recent stay in NYC I came across ads for the upcoming American, English, European and Asian decorative and fine arts, Winter Antique Show. America’s most renowned antique show will be celebrating its 61st year, this month. I wish I could be there to embrace its culture and sediment. Held at the historic Park Avenue Armory in NYC, with a total of 73 exhibitors. The show provides design professionals, curators, habitual collectors and first time buyers to view and purchase the prodigious antiques. First time buyers can purchase antiques with ease and confidence, for the precious pieces are authenticated by a committee of 160 experts.

Not only will you walk away with a unique collectible, but 2015’s loan exhibition, Ahead of the Curve net proceeds will benefit East Side House Settlement. ESHS’s purpose is to help motivated students in the poverty stricken South Bronx. They help students graduate from high school, enroll in college and strengthen the skills necessary to attain good jobs. With quality education and technology training, ESHS helps build an armor of confidence and the freedom of economic and civil opportunities.

New to the event, the highly respected firm Thomas Coulborn & Sons Ltd. The family business is known for specializing in 18th century and Regency furniture. They continue to participate in preeminent fairs in the UK and abroad. The Terrestial Pocket Globe and Case above was made by John Cary and William Cary of London, and shows the world as it was known in 1791.

Conner • Rosenkranz, LLC, is another newcomer this year. Their gallery in New York, NY emphasis’s on 19th and 20th century American sculptures, including neoclassical, Beaux Arts, and modernist works as well as garden sculptures from all periods.  This marble bust Proserpine by American sculptor Hiram Powers depicts the ancient Roman goddess whose cult, myths, and mysteries were based on those of the Greek goddess Persephone and her mother Demeter.

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