Beasley & Henley: The Story

Orlando native Troy Beasley, Allied Member ASID, originally thought he’d grow up to be a musician. “Then I realized I might starve to death,” he jokes. Time spent as a teenager working at his father’s flooring company exposed him to some beautiful high-end homes — and sparked his interest in interior design. After years of working in flooring, he was ready for a change. He happened upon a private college advertising “Interior Design – Enroll Now,” and he immediately signed up. From that moment on, he says, “I loved it.”
Meanwhile, Stephanie Henley grew up in a family of publishers. Though entrepreneurs often beget entrepreneurs, it wasn’t so easy in her case.  “I didn’t have a straight path at all,” she laughs. “It was circuitous to say the least.” Starting out in her native Canada with a short detour though France, Stephanie worked in foreign exchange and finance analysis for large companies. Eventually, she settled (via that circuitous route) in Florida. “Finance was great and my experiences were invaluable, but after a while it became rigid.  You have to open up and find your creative wings.”

The Beasley & Henley Partnership

When the two met up, the synergy of their backgrounds – Troy in the arts and design, and Stephanie in finance and marketing – was hard to ignore. When Stephanie suggested they capitalize on their complementary strengths and go into business together, Troy agreed.That was 13 years ago.Today, Troy is the Principal Designer and Stephanie is the CFO of Beasley & Henley Interior Design, a multiple award-winning firm based in Winter Park. Their work has been published in Florida Design, Orlando Magazine, Florida HomeBuilder, International Homes, and Gulfshore Life magazines, to name just a few. Beasley & Henley creates designs for both private residences and commercial clients, including projects such as clubhouses, towers, hotels, and corporate offices. Most of their residential work takes them to upscale areas across the southeastern United States and beyond.  Still, they enjoy working in Winter Park. “It has such a quaint atmosphere,” Stephanie says. “It’s a very cozy place to be in and around.”

The Beasley & Henley Style

The team describes their clients as very private and sophisticated. “They travel a lot, they are very interesting people, and they want this to come across in their homes.” Sometimes a client will have several different residences, all with very different interiors. “Whether we are designing their vacation home or primary residence, in modern themes or traditional Italian, our clients want to express themselves.”
Troy’s personal design style leans toward European eclectic, which he describes like this: “I like to mix in French, Italian, and sometimes modern influences to create variations on traditional themes.” Classic proportions, clean lines, and striking artwork are also Troy’s hallmarks. Troy loves color, but feels that neutrals have their place as well. Color can liven up a room he says, while neutrals can serve to soothe.

“But it’s really about the space,” he explains. “A lot of times you walk into an empty room, and the way the light comes in or the orientation of the view will give the space a different feel. I base a lot of what I do on that initial feeling.” For Troy, it is important to take the time to think a design through and be open to changing direction if necessary.

Design In Everything

When they find the time, Stephanie and Troy like to travel. But even their most exotic trips are as much about hunting down artifacts in dusty warehouses as enjoying the historical aspects of their destination. They try not to talk about business when traveling, but if they do, Stephanie says, “We prefer to do so over a glass of wine lounging at Lake Cuomo.” The lounging never lasts long, however. As Troy puts it:
“Design is so intertwined with architecture and the arts – all the things you love to see when you travel. We never really get away from the interior design. We see it in everything.”

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