Beasley & Henley Wows at Baldwin Harbor | History of Achievement

We’re looking back on Beasley & Henley’s History of Achievement!Beasley & Henley created another fabulous interior in trendy Baldwin Park at the hot condos of Baldwin Harbor. Baldwin Harbor is the creation of The Rock Companies out of Michigan. It is the winner of a 2007 Aurora Award for Best Interior Design.  In addition, the Baldwin Harbor Sales Center won an Aurora for Grand Award for Sales Center.This beautiful condo is contemporary and funky, yet comfortable and luxurious. It is designed with a ‘soft contemporary’ approach that is so in vogue with clients in this market. Its uncluttered and chic atmosphere allows these northern clients to shake off the dark and heavy mood of their primary residence and enjoy the light, fashionable ambiance of this urban-chic home.Furnishings in the home are clean-lined and simple with a classic quality to them. Fabrics feature the cool blues, ebony, chocolates and iced crèmes that are so well-received today. There are few bold patterns in the design as more importance is placed on the simplicity of color and textures to make a statement.Artwork is an exception however. Bold, colorful pieces abound in contrast to the simplicity of the fabrics and clean lines of the furnishings. A few sultry line drawings add an air of artistic curiosity to the space.Lighting is also very contemporary and bold with the use of oversized and angular shades, and urban track lighting straight from the 1970’s.Window treatments are mainly straight panels to keep a sleek feel in the space and to highlight the beautiful views out the window. Accessories compliment the design and are well thought out throughout.Floor plan revisions were made by the designer during designer build-out. The design team created all elements of the model including flooring, wall finishes, ceiling treatments, interior detailing and furnishings. 

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