Beautiful Gardens in Sarasota, Florida~A Magical Haven For Nature Lovers


A living museum of sorts, peaceful, majestic and colorful they say. The Selby Gardens located in beautiful Sarasota, FL is a scenery of unparalleled horticultural bliss. Created more than 25 years ago, the gardens were a gift from philanthropist Marie Shelby, a longtime resident of Sarasota.  It’s a magical haven for the gardeners, botanists or just about anyone who loves nature.  Shelby Gardens is living part of Sarasota History. Nestled in downtown Sarasota and looking out at the shimmering Sarasota Bay, it is a quaint place in which to spend the day appreciating the artistry of nature. It has become a leading botanical garden around the world. It’s the world’s only botanical research garden specializing in air plants such as orchids and bromeliads. Shelby Gardens is best known for its living collection of more than 6,000 orchids. You will find the spectacular living collection of rare orchids and bromeliads located in the Tropical Display House.

  Other exhibits to enjoy are the Bonsai, Fern Garden, Banyan Grove, Bamboo Garden, Hibiscus, and Succulent Garden. The Bonsai Exhibit is a small collection of specimens showcasing the ancient Asian are of bonsai. The Fern Gardens display over 10,000 species of ferns. The Banyan Grove, which is the centerpiece of the children’s rainforest garden are distinguished by their spreading areal roots. As mature trees, they develop areal roots that strengthen into prop roots to support their heavy limps. The Bamboo Garden is engulfed with stature. These fast growing giant plants can grow to 60ft and can reach their mature height in only two months! Ranging from brown and lavender to pink, red and yellow the Hibiscus flowers will catch your attention with their beauty. In sharp contrast to the flourishing vegetation, the Succulent Garden will catch your attention with its sharp contrast to everything else at Shelby Gardens. The collection is petite, but impactful.






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