Black Walls in Interior Design = Gorgeous Drama for your Home

White walls might be a thing of the past, but black?  Many peoples initial reaction is the same, but they soon realize how strikingly dramatic this style can be.  Metals, metallics, pops of color and white pair beautifully against this black backdrop.  My favorite style, Hollywood Regency, would be stunning with black walls incorporated.  Really any style can be incorporated with black walls, its all in how you tie everything together.

Gold, animal, and geometric prints are a great mix of earthy glam.

Love these bright colors and modern furniture to offset the dark wall!  Plenty of natural light in this room to make it a perfect spot for entertaining.

Classy is the best word to describe this Master Bedroom.  The greenery is a nice touch to add texture and natural elements to the space.

Rustic industrial chic.  I can’t think of a better color for the wall.  It looks great against the light natural wood floor and helps tie in the use of different materials in the room.

So I’ve decided I’d like to see this black wall trend happening a lot more!  It’s an unexpected use of color that blends well with many different styles and textures.  Never underestimate your desire to try something new!


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