Blue is Hot Color Trend in 2014 for Interior Design

The hottest trend color for 2014 is Blue. According to the Color Trend experts at Pantone this means ‘Dazzling Blue’, Pantone’s cobalt #18-3949 and ‘Placid Blue’ a soft and inviting pastel #15-3920. The designers at Beasley & Henley Interior Design enthusiastically, blog, Family room, interior design, pantoneBlue has never gone out of style, but like many colors it ebbs and flows in popularity.Blues in general are a perennial favorite, often referred to as ‘a pocket-sized vacation of sea and sky’. According to psychologists who explore the intricate interaction of color, behavior and mood, blue’s basic emotional valence is calmness and open-endedness, in contrast to the aggression associated with colors such as red. People associate blues with the positive characteristics of wisdom, loyalty and trust.In home design, Blues will be seen in fabrics, lighting, wall colors, lacquered finishes and much more. In additional, they will make glamorous statements in focal piece chandeliers and rugs. Placid Blue fabrics can be matched easily with complementary colors such as yellow and white.

 No matter how they are used in 2014, Blue with be the new Black and we are couldn’t be happier.

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