Calling All Dog Lovers! We’ve Found The Ultimate Travel Accessory For Your Little Pooch.

What do you get when you combine a furniture maker, pet owner and a father of a young daughter who wants a dog house for her puppy? The birth of a  1940’s-50’s vintage pet trailer of course! These adorable pieces are made from environmentally friendly materials such as plywood and recyclable aluminum. The trailers can be custom built with carpet, tiles, personalize license plates and to top it off wireless speakers for your little furry friends. Your pooch with  feel pampered and arrive in style on your next vacation getaway. The ultimate pet  travel accessories are designed and built by Judson Beaumont, from Straight Lines Designs. Born in Saskatoon, Judson not only creates these paw perfect designs, but creates one of a kind furniture pieces and commissions. His unique and highly functional pieces are inspired by everyday life. What he does next separates himself from the rest. He takes that inspiration and challenges it. He alters and stretches the pieces into his version of uniqueness and functionality. His designs tend to lean towards the whimsical, imaginative and engaging.  Some have referred Judson as the “furniture whisper”.  If dogs could talk they would say “buy me one” and if I had a dog, I would.

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