Can Furniture Legs Be Sexy?

Does the topic of furniture legs sound somewhat abstruse or boring to you? You may be thinking this discussion should be left at the creative tables of your favorite designers. Maybe the thought never entered your mind, but today I’m about to bring a little light onto the subject.Some designers may call them sexy some may call them stilettos for chairs. Regardless of what they are called furniture legs can be blended into any interior settings, be it traditional or modern. I consider them to be fundamental elements of cabinetry and seating. They need to be taken seriously not only for their functionality, but because they can be one of the noted factors for furniture style. Furniture legs can be ascetically pleasing and useful. From a designers perspective we first consider how to use the legs to visually bolster a look or perception that we are trying to create for our clients. A unique leg can add warmth and beauty to a space. The style of your furniture legs can actually play a big role in solidifying the design of a space.From a functional perspective, we always look at the height of the leg. It’s crucial that the height of the piece is correct. Secondly the strength of the legs need to be accounted for. They need to be able to support the piece of furniture it carries. For example the S-shaped cabriole legs are made to support plenty of weight and are one of the most time-tested styles.  Lastly we look for style. We may choose a more tapered leg when going for a more modern, mid-century look. Or a turned wood leg that is highly decorative will surely make a statement in a room.Below you will find a few of Beasley & Henley designed rooms as well as a few of our favorite pieces of furniture with eye catching legs! Enjoy     

Sofa by: Kelly Wearstler

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