Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas for Kids

Celebrating Christmas with younger children in the household is a magical experience. If you have younger children in your home, you may be on the lookout for Christmas decorating ideas for your kids. The reality is that there are some simple projects your children can undertake that result in what prove to be highly attractive decorations for your family Christmas tree.

Foil Christmas Tree

When it comes to craft projects your children can participate in to create decorations for the family Christmas tree, foil is at the top of the list of materials to consider using. Foil is highly versatile and can be utilized by even young children to create interesting, attractive ornaments for the Christmas tree. The shiny silver is absolutely perfect for the holiday season.Martha Stewart actually has shared some ideas of how your children can use foil to decorate the tree. She suggests having your kids scrunch foil into stars, balls, and canes. The foil ornaments created in this manner can then be hung on the tree using yard. Red and green yarn adds a nice, seasonal touch.Martha also recommends turning foil cupcake liners inside out. These can be strung together using yarn as well. A tiny hole can be punched in the back. A tiny light can be inserted into the foil liner, resulting in a magnificent, radiant glow for your tree. 

Cotton Ball Tree

Like most people, you probably have a bag or box of cotton balls lying around the house. If you do not, pick up some the next time you are at the drug store. They can be the basis of a great holiday decoration project for your kids. Thread a needle with about 15 inches of lightweight fishing line. Sew through cotton balls, leaving gaps between each ball. Place a dab of old-fashioned white glue next to each cotton ball to prevent it from sliding. Once done, the string of cotton balls can be placed on the family Christmas tree. Your kids can repeat the process with multiple strands of cotton balls until the tree looks like it is dotted with wintertime snow.  

Paper Snowflake Tree

If you are like many parents, you probably recollect cutting out paper snowflakes when you were a child. This represents another perfect holiday season craft project for your kids. Have them cut out an array of different types of paper snowflakes. They can then adorn the family tree with their creations. The paper snowflakes can easily be affixed to the tree using paperclips, unfolded into “S” shapes. Bringing together a bunch of paper snowflakes created by your children actually makes a truly dramatic presentation on your Christmas tree. They can be made even more vibrant with the addition of twinkle lights in different colors. 

Snowball Tree on Your Lawn

Your children can get involved in decorating the exterior of your home as well. If you are like many people, you already place lights on trees in your yards. You enhance the look by adding ornaments.You can take the decoration of the trees in your yard a step further, depending on where you live and the prevailing weather conditions. You children can make “ornaments” for your outdoor trees with fist-size snowballs. You might want to consider using a snowball making tool (available in many toy and department stores) to make well fashioned icy ornaments. This not only provides uniformity, which renders the final product more attractive, but speeds up the process of making suitable snowball ornaments for use on a tree.Make a note. Snowball ornaments are easiest to make if the snow is not too powdery or too slushy. Pay attention to prevailing weather conditions for the coming days to make sure your kids’ creations will not melt away too quickly. You do need to take care to position the snowball ornaments at points that provide a distance between them and any lights that are included on a tree. 

Make a Lasting Memory for Your Children

The artwork made by your children will be Christmas decorations that you will value forever. You can also make lasting Christmas memories for your children by buying a special ornament each year for the young ones in your home. For example, you can purchase a silver ornament or even a silver bell for your children from a quality outlet like the Silver Superstore. Not only can these decorations be displayed on your family tree this year, they can continue to be part of holiday decorating well into the future. BY- Guest BloggerJessica Kane   

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