Color Coordinating: How to Make an Old Room New Again In 2022

Last year might not have been the year you hoped for, but it’s important to look on the bright side. This is your chance for a brand new start in your life and in your home. By planning and implementing these three steps, you can successfully transform your space into something fresh! 

Begin the Planning Process 

The first step when bringing new life to an old room is to create a plan. Begin by organizing your finances to ensure you have the time and resources needed to complete the project. Decide which room you’d like to focus on first and imagine how it would be before and after the project. Ask yourself, what needs updating or touch ups? Are there pieces of furniture you could alter to fit your vision? Perhaps there’s carpet that you’d like to rip out and replace with some high-end hardwood flooring. Note what will need changes, renovations or elements that can remain the same. 

Once you have a sound idea of what you’ll need for your project, make a list of needed materials and plan out your budget in advance. Create a spreadsheet detailing the funding, review the prices of materials needed and record any fees from professionals you may have hired to help you. If you have spare time before your remodeling plans and you’re looking for other options for financial assistance, try utilizing your home’s equity. Home equity loans are perfect for home renovations because you receive the money in a lump sum. This gives you the ability to use it however you want and you can deduct the interest when used for home improvement projects. Once your financial planning is squared away and you’re happy with the funds you have to begin the project, it’s time to get started!

Decide What Color Scheme Is Best for Your Vision

When deciding on the most ideal color palettes, take into consideration the purpose of the space and what emotions you’d like it to invoke. If you’re giving life back to your kitchen or entertainment space, you may want a welcoming color such as yellow or a warm golden tone. After 2021, everyone seems to need a bit of sunshine in their life so why not make the change and add some to your home? Using earthy tones is another scheme that designers feel will be another color trend in 2022 to keep your eye on. These colors are highly versatile and can bring a sense of nature to any space, from a large living room to your home office.

If you decide that a bedroom or a living space is in need of revamping, try a neutral color scheme involving greiges or sandy beiges. These colors invoke a sense of relaxation and comfort, perfect for relieving stress after a long day. Accent colors are also a huge part of the color scheme so if you’re looking for places you’d like to add a pop of color, add them throughout your space. This can be through furniture, accent walls, decorations and even linens. 

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Once you’ve chosen your preferred color scheme, it’s time to get painting! When painting, don’t forget a primer if you’re painting yourself and to repaint the trim as well. Giving everything a fresh coat of paint will give the room an entirely new aesthetic.

Personalize Your Space

The next step after choosing the most fitting color scheme for your renovation is to make the space your own! Analyze your flooring and decide if you’d like to keep it or replace it with some new flooring trends of 2022 to go along with your new color scheme. If you’re looking for a completely fresh start, look into new furniture pieces that are vastly different from ones you’ve had in the past. Use your furniture to play off of your color scheme to help bring the room together in all aspects. Search for pieces that are unique, comfortable and useful. Try to change the layout of the room from what it was previously as this can give your space a fresh new look that every guest will stop to notice. 


Take into account the smaller elements of every home, for example, reimagine how much natural light is allowed into your space and how effective your lighting fixtures are. If your room was once drab and dreary, you can incorporate dimming lighting fixtures that enable you to brighten or darken your space as you wish. Perhaps you want a conversation piece hanging in the middle of your room like a chandelier or giant light fixture that is eye-catching and unique! 

If there were parts of your room in the past that you dislike, now is your chance to change them! Maybe this means adding more pieces for discreet organization, or removing furniture to make the floor plan open up. If your last theme was very traditional, try something more modern in order to change the mood. If you’re in need of some helpful tips, check out our article on how to revamp a boring room. There are endless possibilities with what you can achieve with your space. 

In order to find success in the new year, utilize the tips above in order to give your home a new beginning. Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone, you may be pleasantly surprised with your results. This one room makeover could turn into a revamp of your whole home if you want it to be!


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