Color Trends of 2015

Colored_pencils_chevre2015 is practically already here! Can you believe it?  With a new year comes new trends for everything from Fashion to Interior design.  Color, being the strongest driving element in trends, will awaken all your senses in 2015 with all the different directions its taking!

1.  Mediterranean Blue and Seaport 

Blue is such a strong color, and with the two different shades bringing a sense of calm and peace, there really isn’t a way to go wrong in any room.  It’s a versatile color that can be used as an accent or a feature.  White pairs well with Mediterranean Blue for a striking contrast, while warm neutrals like beige and grey pair well with Seaport for a nature inspired feel.


Mediterranean Blue & White Striped Bathroom

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Seaport Color Feature Wall

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2. Retro Colors 

Retro and vintage colors like Burnt Orange and Poodle Pink know as “Rosette” by Pantone, will be a dominant color trend in 2015!  The word Retro instantly screams fun.  It’s deemed nostalgic by many, letting us bring back fun elements of our past.


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“Pretty in Pink” Room at the Palm Springs Rendezvous in California

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3. Pastels 

Shades of purple, palm greens and flamingo pinks will make a great impact in 2015.  Pastels are great when looking to create a calming atmosphere but to make an impact they need to be contrasted with shocking neons. Otherwise everything tends to blend together.


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Fantastic Bright Accents Decorate Pastel Colors Ideas Bedroom Decor

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4. Olive Green and Soft Grey

Olive Green and Grey are a beautiful yet unpredictable color combination.  Taking inspiration from natural landscapes combines olive, moss and fern shades of green against grey accents will be a popular choice to incorporate into traditional and modern homes alike!


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Is there anything more relaxing than a bedroom of soft grays? This room has me rethinking my own bedroom decor!

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There you have it!  A look at some of the trends predicted for 2015.  Exciting times are ahead in the design world.  The new year is like Christmas for us with all the predictions and theories coming to life right before our creative eyes!

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