Creating A Contemporary Look For Your Home

Just like most art, interior design is a field that is open to interpretation. People can describe a particular design in several contrasting ways. However, sleek lines and minimizing clutter are the hallmarks of contemporary design.

1. Go Sleeker

Everything from appliances to TVs to furniture are taking on the shapes and material that complement this aesthetic. Chrome, glass metal, and wood pieces are becoming slimmer, more utilitarian, but also more beautiful. There is a lot more emphasis on individual pieces and overall layouts that conserve space.

2. Play With Textures and Color

Texture is one of the key elements that contribute to contemporary interior design. Mixing and matching textures is part of the contemporary appeal.  Paint and fabric choices reflect a current trend toward bolder oranges, lime greens, and reds as well as subdued grays, dark browns, purples, and blacks.

3. Mix Elements

The Glass Element

In contrast to older themes that used to employ a lot of wood, glass is a common material used to create a distinction. Blown glass is an artistic element that can also serve a dual purpose such as lighting fixtures. It creates a smooth, straightforward feel and enhances other decorative elements. It can be used as glass table frames, cabinet handles, and chair legs.From counter tops to floors and furniture, concrete can bring a lot of decorative potential. Still in its early stages of being a decorative element, concrete can create numerous modern effects when finished to do so.

4. Ask Questions

Bringing all these elements together for that modern edge to your homes interior gives you the perfect opportunity to hire a designer –someone that you can work with to produce an exceptional contemporary home.  

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