Decorate Your Outdoor Space Like A Designer

If a summer day could talk it would boast about saddles, fragrant grass and magnetic romances. Summer is here and your outdoor space should reflect these warm nostalgic days of a season we long to admire. It’s not only a place for you to enjoy, but your outdoor living area is your first chance to inspire and make an impression on your guests. It’s a place where you can breathe in fresh air and free your mind of the stresses of the day. Giving the space a little “pick me up’ will make these summer nights just a little longer and enjoyable. Whether you have a pool, patio or porch it’s important to take full advantage of your outdoor space or “sanctuary” as I would like to call it. Below you will find a few photo’s from recent outdoor design installations that I hope will inspire you, as well as a handful of our “favorite”outdoor pieces that can be purchased online.If you entertain a lot outdoors, an outdoor kitchen is a fantastic idea. Their ever growing popularity in new housing designs is exciting because they’ve evolved into an extension of the home’s living space. Our clients love to have the same conveniences they have inside to their outdoor space. mindera outdoor panorama by Beasley and Henley Interior Design Dorval Outdoor patio design1 out  summer entertaining 2 

Fireplaces are a beautiful feature that are being incorporated in outdoor spaces. It’s an exterior design that leaves a lasting impression. ¬†creating a soothing ambiance that will extend the livability of your outdoor space into the evening.

Summer Entertaining 1aAstoria Outdoor & Indoor Design Ideas

Outdoor fireplace Dorval stock development beasley and Henley Interior Design naples

And now a few of my favorite outdoor pieces you can order online for yourself!

Over sized beanbag poufs Riverstone Outdoor tableMadison Vesper Fog Swivel Lounger Frontgate chandelierFrontgate ShadeFrontgate pillows

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