Delta Light: Beauty and the Bottom Line

Delta Light, a market leader and trendsetter in architectural lighting, announced the use of advanced LED lighting technology for the most recent renovation of the Sandton Group’s Grand Hotel Reylhof in the heart of the city of Gent in Belgium.Delta Light, together with the hotel architects and lighting designers, developed a lighting concept combining their vision of tomorrow’s hotel design while remaining true to the original Louis XIV architecture and atmosphere.Delta Light chose Bridgelux LED arrays for their very high color rendering (CRI), excellent color consistency, and energy efficiency. LED lighting also strengthens the hotel’s bottom line by:

  • Eliminating infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation
  • Preventing bleaching of the hotel textiles and wallpaper
  • Reducing demands on room air conditioning

The hotel was originally built in 1724 in the Louis XIV style and was last renovated in 1964. The hotel estimates that they will save 75% in cost savings from energy in both lighting and reduced air conditioning costs plus greatly reduced lighting maintenance costs.

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