Design a Completely Zen Living Space

Your living space is the one place you can relax and get away from the stress of everyday living. While bold designs are interesting to look at in magazines, what you really want is a zen living space that draws you in and makes you feel at home in your own skin.When it comes to decorating priorities, people rank rooms as kitchen first, then the bedrooms and then the living room. When it comes to decorating your “living space,” that can mean your living room, but also means the rooms where you spend the most time — including the kitchen and bedrooms. To design a completely zen living space, focus on these five features.

1. Go Natural

Earth-toned colors found in nature offer a serene look for your entire home. Stick with neutral paints and furnishings. However, it’s okay to add your favorite colors here and there as well to brighten things up. A red throw pillow on the couch or a brightly patterned area rug are easily swapped out but add some personality to an otherwise bland room.Statement fabrics can help your living space reflect who you are and add some classic flair to a minimalist design. It can’t be the dominant look, however, if you’re going for a zen living space. What you want to avoid is a bright red on every wall, as it may make you feel overly excited and unsettled.

2. Add Some Peace and Quiet

It’s hard to relax if the neighbors are blaring music or the landscapers mow at 10 a.m. every morning. Fortunately, you can take design measures to block out unwanted noises and create a quiet, peaceful space. For example, add insulated curtains to reduce outside noise and also help insulate your home.You should also complete basic maintenance to rid your home of annoying little sounds. Oil squeaky doors and put buffers on kitchen cabinets, so they don’t snap shut and slam. Keep your garage door opener in tip-top shape. It shouldn’t grind or rattle as it opens — regular maintenance is critical. If you’re still in the building phase, add extra insulation between rooms and on outside walls to reduce noise. If you’re going for zen, poor home maintenance can derail your lovely interior design.

3. Bring in Live Plants

Living plants bring a lot of physical and emotional benefits to your living space. They add a beautiful burst of green, but the right plants also clean the air and uplift your overall mood. Choose wisely, and you’ll be happier and more productive surrounded by plants. 

4. Flood the Room With Natural Light

Open up the windows or sliding doors from time to time or add some skylights to take advantage of natural light. You’ll do the environment a favor, too, as you’ll use less energy lighting your home. Studies support that natural light has a positive impact on our health. Since today’s citizens spend about 90 percent of their time inside, getting enough natural daylight helps with circadian cycles and works to improve overall health.

5. Get Rid of Clutter

That beautiful porcelain doll collection your great Aunt Mary left you is interesting, but does it create a cluttered feel to your home? Sometimes it is best to reduce your knick-knacks down to just a few favorite pieces and sell or give everything else away. Not only does this create a less cluttered look where energy flows freely, but you’ll have fewer items to dust, reducing your housekeeping duties.

Zen Is In

Zen living spaces are accessible right now because they speak to our desire for a simple life. Even if the trends change, things that are simple and classic tend to stay in style, so you’ll have less redecorating to do. What makes your space zen really depends on the things that speak to your soul, so take the time to figure out what designs you truly love and incorporate them into the overall simplistic look.  Written By Guest Blogger-Holly Welles believes in making the most of any space, no matter how cramped. You can subscribe to her own real estate and home décor blog, The Estate Update, for the latest tips in figuring out homeownership.

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