Are you craving a little something different in your home’s decor? Are you looking to occupy a space in your home that has an architectural flair? If you are,  you may want to add a little geometry to your world. I’m not speaking of the math class you took in high school, but the geometric world of funky hexagons and fearless patterns. The geometric trend is a perfect way to energize your home. It’s a fabulous way to breathe life into a space and enhance a minimalist point of view and give a room an incredible polished look. If you want a room to look like you hired a designer, you’re going to have add a few pops of visual interest to your interiors. Patterns are fundamental and meet interior designer’s basic requirements while looking famously modern.Deciding to incorporate geometric into your home can be easy, but I am always asked how far should a person go? Do you use the patterns as an accent role or do you want to make a  bold statement with wallpaper? It’s about understanding which elements of a room should play the leading role and which should act as an assisting director. If you choose to add more than one geometric pattern go ahead. Having a slight variation between the tones keeps things feeling unoriginal. I just love the unexpected and so may you! Below are a few ways to you can add a little geometric flair to a space. Always remember have a little fun, be a little daring and never be boring!  

An open airy construction piece just as West Elem’s below can provide and artful component to a negative space!

Sophistication meets geometry with a prism coffee table. It has a refined softness to it while furthering the modern look you are trying to achieve. It stimulates the senses every time one engages with it.


Blue & Gold Geometric Shower Curtain By Society 6


By adding a bold geometric rug you can make a bold WOW statement, like our designers did below. They added a small geometric metal accessory to tie the look together:


Another geometric trend is the addition of patterns and finishes to a piece of furniture. Here are two of our favorites!

 The Haynes design is an innovative, architectural display and storage solution of pretty Mondrian geometries grounded by a black lacquer inset base. The grid design features useful pedestals and shelves that cantilever, suspend or float on the substantial iron frame.

Photo: Bungalow 5


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