Easy and Creative Pumpkin Design Ideas for Halloween!

Every year I look for new ways to decorate pumpkins for Halloween.  As traditional and fun carving a pumpkin can be, there’s only so much your creative outlet can achieve!  Here are my top 4 favorite ideas for Halloween 2014.

1. Hometown Pride Pumpkins   

This idea is especially fun if you’re in a new home for Halloween!  (Or just love your state) What a cool idea, especially if you’re having people over, what a clever way to display your address.  There are so many ways to create this design.  Acrylic paint is probably the best choice.  If you’re not the most confident artist you can always purchase inexpensive decals and use sponge brushes apply paint.

2. Old Lace Pumpkin

This design is relatively easy and quick but makes for a very effective eerie pumpkin.  Start by painting the pumpkin a greenish blue to give it that eerie ghoulish color.  Then all you need is some modge podge and some black lace!  Cut out black lace to your desired shape, modge podge the back side of the lace and adhere to the pumpkin.  Finish by sealing the lace by using the modge podge once again.  Voila!

3. Foliaged Pumpkins

You don’t have to live up north to find cool leaves for this project.  What plants, flowers or leaves define your home state? Any foliage will do.  Just like with the lace pumpkin above, all you need is modge podge! If you don’t want to use any paint, purchasing white pumpkins is always a good option.

4. Thumbtack design

Who would have thought thumbtacks could be used for anything but tacking up paper?  These ideas are getting simpler as the list goes on!  It would be most effective if you painted the pumpkin first but by no means do you have to do that.  Write words, create a design, or randomly place the thumbtacks where you please.  Just don’t prick yourself!

Halloween is only 8 days away, plenty of time to do some more decorating!  Especially when it’s as simple and fun as these ideas.

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