Frank Gehry & Louis Vuitton

Considered one of the most influential architects of our time, the world of Frank Gehry collides once again with the world of Louis Vuitton.  This time, he’s asked to design the boutique windows for pieces from the fall/winter 2014-2015 ready-to-wear collection. Gehry created mast like wood structures that hold up aluminum “sails” that twist and swirl around these pieces that greatly complement Ghesquière’s modern collection of structured A-line silhouettes.  The curved sculptures which range from silver, champagne, pink and anodized black, are “Wind Wings” inspired by sails that make up the shell of the Foundation (Gehry’s latest museum design in Paris).  

Never have I seen such simple abstract shapes designed so eloquently with such a bold impact.  It’s remarkable how much interior design crosses over with fashion design, visual display design and much more.  What great recognition for an architect like Gehry to be behind the display of one of the most luxurious brands in the world.

The display was designed so well as not to compete against the clothing but rather highlight it’s shape and best features.  This A-line dress stands out well against the sleek abstract sails.

This display is probably my favorite.  Done any other way, this purse would get lost in the display.  The strategic placement of every detail is what makes this design so successful.

Brushed silver and the touch of the anodized black of the sails add a mysterious element to the menswear display.

The windows will be up through October at all New York locations and in select stores around the world.  This is definitely a must see for any designer or person familiar with the astounding Frank Gehry!

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