Going Green at Home *4 Tips to Save Energy & Money*

We all have bills piling in each month. It does not matter who you are — when you have your own place, bills are bills.Whether you live in a smaller Denver apartment or you spend your days in a modern Winter Park luxury unit with an amazing interior design, each month, you’ll pay a ton of bills. Groceries. Rent. Transportation. Utilities. And more.In most cases, you have options. You can pick and choose which providers you use and this could save you a few dollars on individual bills. But utilities are less flexible, and that could be why utilities are one of Americans’ largest annual expenses, with the average household spending almost $5,000 on utilities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  That said, you should always seek new options and work hard to save a few bucks where you can. Here are some tips to “go green” and save a few dollars while doing so.Update Your BulbsThis is one of the most common and best energy tips you’ll get. You’ve likely been hearing about the energy saving benefits of LED and CFL bulbs for years. But have you actually tried to make the switch yet? According to Energy Star, if we all just replaced one bulb with a qualified CFL, we’d save enough energy to light up 3 million homes for a year and more than $600 million in annual energy costs.That said, it’s true — CFL light bulbs cost a bit more than regular bulbs, but they use about 75% less of the energy and they’ll even last ten times as long. This is a no brainer.Watch Your WindowsWhen running the heat or air conditioning in your home or apartment, make sure all the windows and doors are closed as tightly as possible. It’s easy to forget that your small bedroom window was cracked open a bit, but when the air starts seeping out, the heater or air conditioner has to work much harder than it needs to. This causes unnecessary cash (and energy) to be spent.You can still have some amazing interior detailing done in your home while saving money on energy costs — nothing has to be sacrificed!  Smart ThermostatsYou might have heard about the innovative Nest Learning Thermostat. This product — basically just a little computer bolted to your wall and connected to your home Internet — will familiarize itself with your schedule and habits to adjust your house’s temperature to keep you comfortable while reducing unnecessary energy use. Simply put, this thermostat will absolutely save energy and money. The Nest device will automatically adjust to your specifications and you can also control it to function on “away” and “eco” modes to ensure that your home doesn’t get too hot or too cold while people are away and while people are at home.New Appliances?EnergyStar offers some amazing appliances that can help you save money on your utility bills. These appliances might cost a bit more upfront, but the long-term savings will make it well worth your initial spend. For example, EnergyStar clothes washers use 50 percent less energy than your standard washer and dryer. That’s hugely important over time.Creating an energy-efficient home utilizing smart interior design ideas can be a great way to reduce costs on your utility bills. The items used to furnish and decorate your home can also provide the finishing touches of energy-efficient design, which is something that we all hope to accomplish.All in all, money saving is important to everyone. Whether you have bad credit and are struggling to purchase a home; or you’re saving money for a down payment while renting an apartment, we all can benefit from saving a few dollars and becoming eco-friendlier in the process! Written By Guest Blogger- Sam Radbil with  https://www.abodo.com/

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