Holiday Gift Inspiration for the Home Decor Enthusiast

Whether you’re a home decor enthusiast or the person you’re buying for fills that role, there are so many possibilities for gifting during the holidays. But how do you find the perfect gift for home decor enthusiasts without clashing with their already impeccable style choices?

 Fortunately, we have some tried-and-true inspiration to relieve the stress. If you want to explore all of your home decor gifting options, let us make it easy to find something amazing for whoever you’re gifting to this year. Here are just a few ideas.

Cozying Up

You almost can’t go wrong with cozy, comfortable gifts no matter who the recipient is. So, for the home decor lover, holiday cozy should be a no-brainer. In terms of cozy gifts, there are so many ideas, from locally made candles to knit blankets that can bring a bit of comfort and personality into any space. After all, can you really have enough throw blankets on a cold winter’s night?

 This can be a great, easy gift that can blend into any space seamlessly, which makes it perfect for gifting. Aiming for wintery items that have a local or unique appeal to your recipient can add an extra personal touch.

Hidden Gems

Organization is one of the most critical art forms for a home decor enthusiast. If you know that your gift recipient enjoys a little surprise, one of the best things you can gift is something with a little hidden storage built into it. From fold-out boxes to art with cabinetry behind it, there are so many decor pieces with a fun little secret. Just check out a few on Etsy to get a feel for the options out there.

 Your friend or loved one likely receives a lot of trinkets — let your gift help them find a place to keep things while still standing alone as a great design item. Keeping an eye out for something with a little extra personality can sometimes be exactly what you need for that special spark in a gift.

Playing to Their Interests

If you want to combine a decor gift with another present that shows just how well you know your friend or loved one, why not combine home decor with something that plays into their other hobbies and interests?

 For example, if they’re a book lover, finding decorative books to add to their collection is a great choice. Likewise, finding some unique bartending tools or a special bottle for a friend’s hand-crafted home bar can be great ways to show that you know them on a personal level.

 Great home decor is all about letting your personal tastes and interests be reflected in your home. Mixing hobbies with decor gifts is a home run for any recipient who wants space to pursue their interests.


Home design isn’t all about the looks — it can also be about the environment as a whole, which includes the delicious smells that you can add to a space. If your friend or loved one is interested in essential oils or scented candles, those can all be a great idea for gifting this year.

 Not only does it give the person the space for their own style, but it also allows you to enhance a space they already have with a great scent. Sure, you may say, but gifting candles and diffusers isn’t the most unique — and to that we can only respond, have you ever been upset to add a lovely smell to your collection?

Something Sentimental

If this person you’re buying for happens to be a close friend or family member, you might want to go in a more sentimental direction with your gifting style this year. A reference to something you both love, a refurbished artifact of family history, or even a framed photograph of a great memory can all be wonderful ideas for gifting.

 Not only do they add to any space, but they also offer a little taste of sentimentality for you to share. Nothing draws loved ones closer over the holidays than shared reflections over your memories and history.

Coffee Table Books

If you know of a subject or a passion that your recipient is deeply interested in, why not go for the decor and education combination? A coffee table book can be the perfect gift for anyone who’s trying to fill a new space, as it’s both personal and stylish.

 These make great conversation-starters, too! We recommend Architectural Digest: A Century of Style or A Tale of Interiors for thumbing through some stunning interior design examples, but there are plenty of home decor inspo books from prominent designers and magazines.

Asking What They’re Missing

Lastly, one of the most familiar things you can do when picking out a gift for a decor-loving friend is to simply ask what they’re missing in their space. If they’re yearning for something specific, finding it for them can sometimes be the most appreciated gesture there is.

 For example, a plant-loving friend may always be in need of funky planters, while someone else may be struggling to give their bathroom that final touch. Keep these clues and prompts in mind to help them style these spaces with items both beautiful and practical.


Of course, this likely won’t be for everyone, but it can be great for plenty of circles. Only you will know whether your friend or loved one is the type to value surprises or the type to value practicality above all else.

Holiday Gifts for the Home Decor Enthusiast

There are so many options when it comes to gifting for your super-stylish friends over the holidays. From the cozy and comfortable, to the sentimental, to the truly stylish, there are plenty of ways to show that you care this holiday season. Which of these gifts are you excited to give?


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 Evelyn Long is a Baltimore-based writer and the editor-in-chief of Renovated. She publishes home decor advice and product roundups for readers in spaces both big and small

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